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NFL 2020 odds: 49ers betting favorites in every game except vs. Saints

NFL 2020 odds: 49ers betting favorites in every game except vs. Saints

It's never too early to analyze NFL betting lines.

PointsBet has put betting lines up for each week of the NFL season, and the 49ers are favored in every game except for Week 10 at the Saints, where they are 1.5-point underdogs. 

Week 17 is the only week without listed odds. Many NFL teams frequently play Week 17 without starters either due to being out of playoff contention or having secured their playoff spot, making it useless to post lines this early with so many variables across the league. 

Obviously, injuries and week-by-week outcomes will change these lines as the season progresses, but there are still some interesting nuggets to take away from the weekly spreads. 

The Ravens are the only team to be favored in all 15 games. The Niners and Chiefs are favored in 14 of the 15 listed games, which is tied for the second-most.

The only game the Chiefs aren't favored in is at the Ravens, where they are 1-point underdogs.

In Kansas City’s game at New Orleans, they are 1-point favorites. Interestingly enough, the 49ers are 1.5-point underdogs in this same spot as mentioned above. 

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The 49ers are listed as double-digit favorites twice: vs. Miami (-13) and vs. Washington (-15.5). In every home game, they are favored by at least 4.5 points. 

San Francisco is a 1-point favorite on the road against the Cowboys, marking the only time this season Dallas is a home underdog. 

Last season, the 49ers went 9-6-1 against the spread in the regular season, per TeamRankings.com. They were 4-6-1 ATS as a favorite, 3-4-1 ATS as a home favorite and 1-2 ATS as a road favorite. 

The 49ers were 5-0 ATS as an underdog last regular season, and all five of those games occurred on the road. Unfortunately for bettors, they only are projected to be an underdog dog once this season. 

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Here is the entire list for the season (all via PointsBet) 

Week 1: vs. Arizona (-8)

Week 2: at NY Jets (-5.5) 

Week 3: at NY Giants (-7.5) 

Week 4: vs. Philadelphia (-4.5)

Week 5: vs. Miami (-13) 

Week 6: vs. LA Rams (-6.5)

Week 7: at New England (-2)

Week 8: at Seattle (-1.5)

Week 9: vs. Green Bay (-6.5)

Week 10: at New Orleans (+1.5)

Week 11: BYE 

Week 12: at LA Rams (-3)

Week 13: vs. Buffalo (-6)

Week 14: vs. Washington (-15.5)

Week 15: at Dallas (-1) 

Week 16: at Arizona (-7)

Week 17: N/A

49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo unchanged by success, criticisms of 2019 season

49ers' Jimmy Garoppolo unchanged by success, criticisms of 2019 season

49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo seems completely unfazed by the successes he experienced and the criticisms he faced from his first full season as an NFL starter.

At least that’s the viewpoint of fullback Kyle Juszczyk, who said he has taken pride in adding another skill to his do-everything position with the organization.

“I feel like I’ve been Jimmy’s bodyguard this offseason,” Juszczyk said Tuesday in a video call with Bay Area media members, “but I’ve never been tired of it.”

Garoppolo had one of the best seasons for a 49ers quarterback in the past two decades while starting 19 times, including three games in the team’s postseason march to the Super Bowl.

He threw for 3,978 yards in the regular season, fourth-most in franchise history. His passer rating of 102.0 was the best for a 49ers quarterback since Steve Young had a 104.7 rating in 1997. Garoppolo's completion percentage of 69.1 was third-best in franchise history. And his 8.4 yards per pass attempt was the best since Young had a 8.5 average in ’97.

“It’s crazy to me that he doesn’t get the respect he deserves for what a phenomenal season I think he had, the numbers that he put up, the way he led this team,” Juszczyk said. “He was no doubt our leader on offense. He brought us to a Super Bowl and within seven minutes of winning one. So for him not to get the respect I feel he deserves is pretty wild to me.”

Garoppolo completed 18 of his first 22 pass attempts and could have been in line for MVP honors before the 49ers’ offense and defense staggered in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl LIV loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. He finished with 20 completions on 31 attempts for 219 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.

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Juszczyk said he believes Garoppolo will only build on his play from the 2019 season. This offseason has been valuable for Garoppolo, Juszczyk said, because he has plenty of material from which to learn.

“We have a full season of him starting, where he can go back and re-watch the tape and spend extra time on watching himself,” Juszczyk said. “Because sometimes it is tougher when you’re watching somebody else play your position and you’re trying to learn the offense through that, which he was doing for a little bit.

“Now you’re actually watching yourself and you know what you were feeling in that moment. You got to experience it yourself. So you can learn a little more from it, having been through it now.”

General manager John Lynch said he and coach Kyle Shanahan looked into the possibility of adding Tom Brady as a free agent this offseason in an exercise that they said confirmed their belief Garoppolo is their answer for now and the future.

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Garoppolo faced criticism for his role in the 49ers blowing a 10-point fourth-quarter lead in the Super Bowl. But Juszczyk notices no changes in Garoppolo’s demeanor as he remains above the fray.

“He seems to have handled it like the way Jimmy has handled everything,” Juszczyk said. “He’s exactly the same guy that he always is in these meetings. You haven’t seen any crazy media lash-outs from him or him be down on himself or anything like that.

“It’s just Jim. He comes to work every day and works his butt off, has the same demeanor every day. The outside noise truly doesn’t seem to affect him.”

Garoppolo has not made any public comments in the months since the end of the season.

49ers' Jimmie Ward explains error on Chiefs' Super Bowl third-and-15

49ers' Jimmie Ward explains error on Chiefs' Super Bowl third-and-15

Jimmie Ward needed some time before he could turn on the tape of the 49ers' collapse in Super Bowl LIV. He finally got around to it a few weeks ago, and has now watched it more times than he can count.

So, what's his main takeaway?

"How things played out, it was just tough," Ward said Thursday on KNBR's "Murph & Mac Show." "I just feel like we could have been better on offense and defense, and you've just still got to give the (Kansas City) Chiefs credit. They were the better team on that Sunday."

The Chiefs ultimately ended up on top, but the 49ers were in control for a larger portion of the game. Leading by 10 points in the fourth quarter, the tide began to turn on a critical third-and-15 conversion by Kansas City. The Chiefs never looked back from there.

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Ward wishes he could have that third down back.

"I wish I could have stayed more square," he explained. "I would say that. How I practiced it, how we -- it's a certain play. It's a route that they love doing. ... They ended up getting us in the right call because we were in Cover 3 during that play. I don't know if they were expecting us to be in Cover 3 or what, but yeah, we probably could have made another call. That probably would have helped us out, but at the same time, it probably could have played out the same way."

"I have no idea how that would happen," Ward continued, "but regarding the situation, if I had stayed square, it wouldn't have even been a play."

Ironically, Ward wasn't the only player on the field having trouble staying square on that play. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was able to buy plenty of time to deliver that 44-yard completion to Tyreek Hill, but only because Kansas City left tackle Eric Fischer wrapped both arms around Nick Bosa's bellybutton after the Defensive Rookie of the Year had beaten him on the play and was closing in for a sack.

Officials make the obvious call, and there's no completion to speak of, either.

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Ward was right.

It's still too soon.