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DeMarcus Cousins names Klay Thompson his favorite Warrior -- here's why

DeMarcus Cousins names Klay Thompson his favorite Warrior -- here's why

Newest Warrior DeMarcus Cousins already has a favorite teammate with Golden State, and it's one he has played with in the past. 

"Just to put this out there, my favorite by far is Klay," Cousins said Thursday at his introductory press conference at the Warriors' facility in Oakland. "Our short time in the summer, for him to be a dull as he is, there's never a dull moment." 

Cousins played with Thompson, as well as Warriors Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Cousins averaged 9.1 points and 5.8 rebounds in eight games with Team USA on his way to winning gold. 

"I really enjoyed my time with Klay, but they're great guys," Cousins said. "Me and Draymond clicked right away. We're two goofballs who like to joke around a lot. We clicked right away. Same thing with KD and same thing with Steph. 

"It's a great group of guys, easygoing people ... outside of Draymond," Cousins said as he laughed. "But it's a great group, and we'll mesh well." 

Even though he's Cousins' favorite Warrior, in classic Klay fashion, he still hasn't reached out to his new center. 

Would Ray Allen beat Steph Curry, Klay Thompson in 3-point contest? 'Ummmmmm'

Would Ray Allen beat Steph Curry, Klay Thompson in 3-point contest? 'Ummmmmm'

Ray Allen made 2,973 3-pointers in his career -- the most in NBA history.

Steph Curry is currently seventh all-time at 2,129.

Klay Thompson is at No. 24 with 1,557 makes.

Over the weekend, Allen and Curry played some golf in the American Century Championship in Tahoe.

The day before the tournament started, Allen was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show, and the following back-and-forth took place:

Patrick: "You at your best vs Steph Curry at his best. Who's a better shooter?"

Allen: "Ummmmmm (pause) ... you know, Dan -- I always compare myself how I played more to Klay Thompson. Just watching Steph, he's somewhat in a world of his own because he's got great handles and he has the ball 80 percent of the time, so..

Patrick: "Just a shooting contest. Just shooting contest. It's you, Steph, Klay -- you pick your spot -- who is the better shooter out of you three?"

Allen: "Ummmm. Again, I think it would be a helluva shooting contest. But what I would do -- I would put them on the move ... they're both not stand-still shooters, but moving backwards, moving left to right, front to back in 3s -- and both of them can do that well -- that is really where you see shooting at its finest. The 3-point contest is fun and it is interesting, but imagine if you adapted a contest where you had to start in one position to get to the next spot and then shoot it and make that shot. That would be a much more interesting contest."

Thanks for not answering the question whatsoever, Ray!

But don't worry everybody. We know how things would turn out...

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

Steph Curry named most popular jersey, Warriors top merchandise list


Steph Curry named most popular jersey, Warriors top merchandise list

The Warriors ruined the NBA, right? Steph Curry and his wild 3-pointers ruined basketball, right? Well, it seems people love the villains. 

Curry's No. 30 Warriors jersey was the most popular among sales this season, the NBA announced on Thursday. Kevin Durant (No. 4), Klay Thompson (No. 10) and Draymond Green (No. 13) also had top-15 jersey sales. 

Top 15 Most Popular NBA Jerseys:                        
1.      Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors                 
2.      LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers                     
3.      Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtics                                 
4.      Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors                   
5.      Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers                        
6.      James Harden, Houston Rockets                          
7.      Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics                              
8.      Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers                           
9.      Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder       
10.  Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors               
11.  Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks
12.  Chris Paul, Houston Rockets
13.  Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors
14.  DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors          
15.  Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans

And just like the Warriors topped the Cavs in the NBA Finals for the second straight year, Golden State also beat out Cleveland in team merchandise sales. 

Top 10 Most Popular Team Merchandise:
1.   Golden State Warriors
2.   Cleveland Cavaliers
3.   Boston Celtics
4.   Philadelphia 76ers
5.   Houston Rockets
6.   Los Angeles Lakers
7.   Chicago Bulls
8.   Toronto Raptors
9.   Oklahoma City Thunder
10. Milwaukee Bucks