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Steph Curry omits LeBron James, Kevin Durant from all-time starting five

Steph Curry omits LeBron James, Kevin Durant from all-time starting five

When Stephen Curry's career is all said and done, there's a good chance many of the current younger generations of NBA fans will include him in their all-time starting five. They have seen the game evolve in front of their very own eyes, and no player was more responsible for that transition than the greatest shooter ever.

But Curry's career isn't over yet. Not even close. And as things currently stand, even he wouldn't include himself in his all-time starting five.

On the most recent episode of Showtime's "All the Smoke" with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, Curry was asked which five players he would nominate for that lofty designation, and it's pretty tough to disagree with his selections.

Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan and Shaquille O'Neal? Safe to say that squad would be tough to beat. Of course, if there's one thing that the five-man unit is lacking, it's probably a lack of perimeter shooting. Maybe that's how Curry eventually fits in.

It's worth noting that Curry didn't include LeBron James on his list. Of course, if reported rivalries are to be believed, perhaps that explains the omission. Same goes for Kevin Durant, who recently left Curry out of his top-six hardest players to guard in the league. Are these sour grapes being thrown back and forth?

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It's certainly possible in the modern NBA, but a far more likely explanation is that James and Durant, like Curry, aren't finished yet.

Warriors' Steve Kerr shouts out Larry Bird on NBA legend's birthday


Warriors' Steve Kerr shouts out Larry Bird on NBA legend's birthday

On Larry Bird's 63rd birthday, Warriors coach Steve Kerr tipped his virtual cap to the Basketball Hall of Famer. 

Kerr shared Yahoo Sports' retrospective video on Bird's career on Twitter, imploring "all you young NBA fans out there" to watch and get a sense of just how good Bird was. 

In his 13-year career, Bird was a 12-time All-Star, nine-time All-NBA first-team member, three-time champion and three-time MVP. The trash-talking forward shot 50.9 percent from inside the arc and 37.6 percent from 3-point range, emerging as one of the league's sharpest shooters in the nascent 3-point era. 

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Bird retired as the NBA's 11th-leading scorer all-time, averaging the 12th-most points per game in league history (24.3) through 1992. The "Hick From French Lick" made a clear impression on Kerr, and the Warriors coach recalled being starstruck when he played against Bird during his second NBA season. 

“You know my name,” Kerr said to KNBR in a 2017 interview, recounting when Bird said hello to him before a game. "[I said,] 'Hey guys, Larry Bird knows my name!'"

Why Larry Bird hopes Kings end 13-year playoff drought this season

Why Larry Bird hopes Kings end 13-year playoff drought this season

MUMBAI, India -- The Kings believe they have the team that can end their 13-year playoff drought.

So does Basketball Hall of Famer Larry Bird.

The Celtics legend attended the 2019 NBA India Games, and he discussed the high-flying Kings with NBC Sports California before their game against the Pacers.

"I don't follow them that much, but I do know they do have a lot of great outside shooters that can score the ball, they've got an excellent backcourt, they've got a pretty strong bench," Bird said. "I know they haven't made the playoffs in a while, and obviously they'll be fighting for the seventh or eighth seed because they are talented and they are young.

"Things don't happen overnight. They've come a long way, and they are getting better. I hope they make it because they are fun to watch."

After finishing with a 39-43 record last season, the Kings hope to take the next step in 2019-20. Sacramento re-signed Harrison Barnes, and added free agents Dewayne Dedmon, Trevor Ariza and Cory Joseph.

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But the Western Conference is as deep as it has ever been, so it won't be easy for the Kings to end their drought. But they certainly have the talent to do it.,