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Would Giants ever trade for Yasiel Puig? 'Hell no,' Mike Krukow says

Would Giants ever trade for Yasiel Puig? 'Hell no,' Mike Krukow says

The Giants are in search of outfielders this offseason. The Dodgers have a surplus of outfielders and could look to trade one.

So, could Yasiel Puig be on the move from Los Angeles to San Francisco? The case was made Tuesday for why the Giants should pursue a potential trade.

On Tuesday afternoon, NBC Sports Bay Area caught up with Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow to get his thoughts on all things Puig.

"If Puig came in and had a good year, I think he would definitely win the hearts of the Bay Area," Krukow said during a phone interview. "It would be wonderful to see the Giants win a division and have one of the major contributors be Puig and beat the Dodgers on the last day. I could sit here and paint a scenario for you that would be quite golden. But bottom line, do I think it will ever happen? Hell no."

The chances of the bitter NL West rivals making the trade are slim, but with former Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi running the show in San Francisco, anything is possible.

Even though Krukow doesn't believe a trade will go down, if it were to occur, he'd want to see it happen soon.

"I think if it ever indeed happens, I hope it happens during the tenure of Madison Bumgarner," Krukow said. "And they could locker next to each other. I think that would be fitting."

Bumgarner and Puig have had a long history of heated kerfuffles. The Giants ace doesn't like it when Puig shows emotion on the field. But Krukow believes the two could co-exist if forced to be teammates.

"It happens when you are in this game long enough. You're going to play with a guy you didn't necessarily like when you played against him," Krukow said. "But one thing that Madison Bumgarner likes is guys that win, guys that prepare, guys that come and play hard. And if this guy came in and showed those tendencies and played hard, I don't think anyone in that clubhouse would have a problem with him.

"Bottom line is, if he helps you win, and you win, you're going to love him."

Following the 2017 season, after Puig hit a career-high 28 home runs, Krukow had this to say about Puig on the Giants.

"I'd have said I don't want him to come near the Giants organization," Krukow told KNBR 680. "But I think now I'd love to have him in the organization because of what we saw last year."

The Giants want to win badly. They want to get back to their championship ways. They want to dethrone the Dodgers from their six-year perch atop the NL West. Should they look into Puig? As Zaidi said during his introductory press conference in relation to a possible Bumgarner trade, "everything has to be on the table in terms of how we move this team and roster forward.”

So, Giants fans, maybe that means Puig in Orange and Black.

Why Yasiel Puig trade from Dodgers to Giants might make sense

Why Yasiel Puig trade from Dodgers to Giants might make sense

Yasiel Puig could be the answer to the Giants’ outfield question.

No, no, no, hear us out.

The Giants badly need outfielders. In fact, new president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi called adding to the position “a high priority” after he arrived Monday at the MLB Winter Meetings in Las Vegas.

The Dodgers have a surplus of outfielders, and the team could look to trade from its position of strength, Fancred’s Jon Heyman reported.

Which brings us back to Puig possibly joining the Giants, who (for now) have Steven Duggar, Chris Shaw, Mac Williamson, Austin Slater and Mike Gerber as the outfielders on their 40-man roster.

It goes without saying that Puig is better than all five of those guys. And he just turned 28, so he’s theoretically entering his baseball prime, even after launching 108 homers in six Dodgers seasons. He had back-to-back years of 28 and 23 homers — totals that easily would’ve led the toothless Giants, who hit 133 round-trippers as a team in 2018.

Puig also owns a cannon for an arm, and an enviable contract situation from a team perspective. He’s arbitration eligible, and MLB Trade Rumors projected him to receive $11.3 million — a relative bargain for an outfielder with his entire package.

That entire package, of course, includes a volatile side, most notably his August brawl with then-Giants catcher Nick Hundley. But Puig is set to become a free agent in 2020, so the Giants would take one season to see if bygones can be bygones, and if the slugger’s bat flips, bluster and bravado look better in orange and black than they did in Dodger Blue.

If not, no big deal. Puig walks, and whatever little is traded to L.A. for a one-year rental, along with some money, is lost. But if it works? That Coca-Cola bottle in left field might need a new paint job after being peppered by Puig.

Zaidi seems content to let the outfield market develop, but he also knows Puig, having served as the Dodgers’ general manager during four of the slugger’s six seasons. One quick Zaidi phone call to his former employer might be all it takes to make Puig your friend, not your enemy, Giants fans.

As Giants tweak roster, they could find themselves in weakened NL West

As Giants tweak roster, they could find themselves in weakened NL West

SAN FRANCISCO — The Hot Stove chatter centered around the NL West on Tuesday. 

The Diamondbacks have talked to the Twins about Paul Goldschmidt, according to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic said the Indians and Dodgers have been in discussion, possibly to swap a Dodgers outfielder for an Indians starting pitcher or catcher. Multiple reports tied the Padres and Mariners together. 

It has been quiet for the Giants, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They could benefit from a shakeup of the NL West as they seek a quick reboot and a season full of “meaningful games,” as new president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi put it. Hell, just getting Goldschmidt out of the division could result in, like, seven more wins.

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Thanksgiving usually is a quiet period, so with the holiday approaching, here’s a look at how the rest of the NL West has handled the start of free agency … 


They’re going to be the heavy favorites next season regardless of what they do before pitchers and catchers report. With Walker Buehler alongside Clayton Kershaw, the rotation has Cy Young candidates at the top and depth everywhere else, especially with Hyun-Jin Ryu accepting the qualifying offer. Yasmani Grandal rejected it, and the Dodgers are in seek of catching help.

They also repeatedly have been connected to relief pitchers, and that’s an even bigger need with Kenley Jansen having heart surgery in a few days. 

The most interesting part of their offseason will be whether or not they chase Bryce Harper. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Dodgers intend to stay under the CBT line in future years, but Harper is from nearby Las Vegas, and L.A. is a city of stars. If the Dodgers do get involved, they would have a ton of outfielders to trade for help elsewhere. 


They made the postseason last year and should be quite pleased with what they’re seeing from the rest of the division right now. If the Giants and Diamondbacks — more on them in a second — take a step back, the Rockies are a clear No. 2 in 2019.

They could lose DJ LeMahieu and Carlos Gonzalez, and still could use offensive help. Their bullpen almost certainly will lose dominant righty Adam Ottavino.

Regardless, they’re still in go-for-it mode. They have to be, because Nolan Arenado is a free agent at the end of next season. 


This is where the division gets really interesting. Arizona won 93 games in 2017 and stayed in the race until September last season, but the Diamondbacks are in that dangerous no-man’s land and appear poised for a rebuild. Patrick Corbin and A.J. Pollock are free agents and almost certainly gone, and they would love to find someone to take on Zack Greinke’s salary.

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Then there’s Goldschmidt, and the Diamondbacks reportedly have been shopping their longtime face of the franchise for weeks. It would be a stunning move, and if you’re going to trade Goldschmidt, you might as well start over. This is one team the Giants could leapfrog without much effort at all. 


They have the best farm system in the game, one so deep that they had to make multiple trades just to clear 40-man spots as prospects were added Tuesday. They also would like to dump Wil Myers, who doesn’t appear to be part of their future but has a huge contract. The Mariners — for old friend Mike Leake and shortstop Jean Segura, as Rosenthal tweeted — make sense.

You can bet Zaidi, who got Matt Kemp back in a massive contract swap last offseason, has made a call to see if the Padres want to swap bad contracts. Myers has his flaws, but he also is the kind of right-handed power hitter the Giants seek. The Padres are expected to challenge the Dodgers as soon as 2020, but the Braves showed this season that sometimes it can come together a year early when you have those kinds of super-prospects. 

Overall, what do you have here? A division with a clear No. 1, a shaky No. 2, and three others undergoing various levels of a reboot.

Zaidi has yet to make his first major move as head of baseball operations, but if he can strike the right balance, the Giants could benefit from the Diamondbacks’ sell-off. They are far from contenders, but with the West rapidly changing, they definitely could move up the pecking order next season.