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Archie Bradley praises D-backs GM for Madison Bumgarner alter ego comments

Archie Bradley praises D-backs GM for Madison Bumgarner alter ego comments

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Nobody at the Diamondbacks' spring training facility had uttered the name "Madison Bumgarner," despite seeing him numerous times.

He goes by Mason Saunders for now. That is his alter ego after all -- the one he uses to win cash prizes at rodeo events.

The sports media world had a field day when the information on MadBum's alias surfaced, but D-backs general manager Mike Hazen had his back.

"Madison is a grown man and we know he's committed to helping us achieve our goals as a team," Hazen told media on Monday. 

Arizona pitcher Archie Bradley said that resonated with him as well.

"It's great. I personally have a lot of respect for Mike Hazen, but that was something I was actually talking to CC Sabathia yesterday," Bradley told NBC Sports Bay Area on Tuesday. "You're seeing this new wave where guys aren't afraid to showcase the other side of their life. I think there's kind of been this build of 'You just have to be a baseball player.' LeBron started with 'More Than an Athlete,' I think guys are kind of catching on."

He also loves the fact that MadBum now is on his team instead of facing him as much as he did during their NL West matchups when Bumgarner was on the Giants. MadBum has made a huge impression on the 27-year-old.

"He just raises everyone's level of awareness and preparation," Bradley said. "When you win a World Series, that holds a lot of weight, it puts your name in bold font. You know, Madison Bumgarner is a big-time name, not only because of his talent level, but because of how he competes, but how he's won."

"When you add a guy like that who is very old school and very hard-nosed, you kind of perk up a little bit."

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Bradley said MadBum, after winning multiple World Series championships, is bringing that mentality to his new team in Phoenix. 

"This is a guy that has not only done it but is vocalizing how he wants to do it here."

San Jose Giants to honor Madison Bumgarner with 'Mason Saunders' Night


San Jose Giants to honor Madison Bumgarner with 'Mason Saunders' Night

For minor league teams, one of their main objectives is to come up with interesting ways to bring fans to the games.

That's where promotional nights come in. Some are weird, but some celebrate what's recently happened in the world of sports. As such, the San Jose Giants want baseball fans to enjoy ... Mason Saunders Night.

Mason Saunders is, of course, former Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner's alter ego/alias he goes by when he's participating in rodeo events.

The Giants' Single-A affiliate will have a shirsey giveaway and encourage fans to dress up as their alias or alter egos.

MadBum was signed by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the offseason, but still remains a big part of Giants fans' hearts.

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His former manager Bruce Bochy recently stopped by D-backs camp to see Bumgarner and it was the first time he had heard about this Mr. Saunders.

"Mason Saunders Night" will take place on Friday, June 5 at Excite Ballpark in San Jose where all aliases are welcome. 

Bruce Bochy reveals Madison Bumgarner went bear hunting, 'mano a mano'

Bruce Bochy reveals Madison Bumgarner went bear hunting, 'mano a mano'

Not many people know Madison Bumgarner as well as his former manager Bruce Bochy.

Bumgarner was only 19 years old when he made his major league debut for Bochy and the Giants in 2009. He spent 11 years taking the mound with Bochy manning the dugout in San Francisco. The two formed a close bond while spending more than a decade together, which included winning three World Series championships. 

But even Bochy seemed surprised by Bumgarner's rodeo alias "Mason Saunders" that he used over recent years in team-roping competitions. The Athletic reported Sunday that Bumgarner has participated in competitions under an alias, which had former teammates laughing a day later as they prepared to face Bumgarner's Arizona Diamondbacks.

"This is the first I'm hearing of Mr. Saunders," Bochy said to reporters. 

While Bochy seemed coy on his knowledge of Mr. Saunders, he did hint at some other activities Bumgarner has found himself in outside of a baseball field. 

"I mean there’s some stories I do know that he probably wouldn’t want me to share, with him bear hunting, and the tight situations he’s gotten himself into," Bochy said Monday on KNBR's "Murph & Mac Show."

Bochy wouldn't go into specifics without MadBum's permission, however, he did add “it’s mano a mano" when it comes to the pitcher and a bear. 

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As for Bumgarner's rodeo days, his former manager believes the left-handed pitcher's days in team competitions are done ... for now. 

"I've got to think that's the end of him being on the rodeo circuit," Bochy said to reporters.