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Dodgers' antics with Madison Bumgarner 'minor league,' Jeremy Affeldt says

Dodgers' antics with Madison Bumgarner 'minor league,' Jeremy Affeldt says

Max Muncy vs. Madison Bumgarner quickly turned into the Dodgers vs. MadBum.

Following the dustup between the Giants ace and the Dodgers slugger at Oracle Park on June 9, Muncy trolled Bumgarner in a postgame interview where he revealed he told Bumgarner to "go get it out of the ocean," in reference to the home run he had cranked.

Less than two weeks later, Muncy wore a "Go Get It Out Of The Ocean" t-shirt during batting practice prior to the Dodgers' matchup with Bumgarner at Dodger Stadium. LA tried to troll and poke fun at Bumgarner throughout the game, playing "Under The Sea" during the first inning amongst other things.

Former Giants reliever Jeremy Affeldt, for one, wasn't a fan of the Dodgers' ridiculous antics.

"The Dodgers, they always do stuff like that, they wear their stupid t-shirts or whatever; they make stuff up,” Affeldt said Friday on KNBR's "Murph & Mac."

“It’s easy to wear those shirts when you have 51 wins … and teams do have fun that way,” Affeldt said. “Basically, it was a stupid comment that made no sense. So, now you’re wearing a stupid shirt that makes no sense about a stupid comment. You’re not showing your intelligence there really, but I understand what they’re doing.

“It’s not just that, it’s the shirt thing and then all of a sudden it’s the first inning, Bum’s coming out and they play 'The Little Mermaid' song. And then bases loaded, and they show Lou Seal around sharks in the Bay. You see all these things that they do, and for me, it’s just so minor league when they do that stuff. It’s just not what you do at a big league level.

"But then all of a sudden, if he hits you in the back, and there’s a huge fight that breaks out, you can’t sit there and say ‘well, we didn’t do anything’. No, you egged it on. You egged it on with your shirt. You egged it on without music. If you're going to egg it on, and then it happens, don't be mad that it does happen and then your player gets hurt."

Bumgarner, in what might have been his last start in the rivalry, didn't have a good night at Dodger Stadium. He lasted just 3 2/3 innings giving up six runs in a 9-8 Giants loss.

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The 29-year-old's time in San Francisco likely is coming to an end, but don't think he'll forget about this should he face Muncy and the Dodgers in the future with his next team. 

Madison Bumgarner gets rocked in what could have been rivalry finale


Madison Bumgarner gets rocked in what could have been rivalry finale

LOS ANGELES -- The night was always going to end in deafening boos. 

That was clear when Max Muncy took batting practice in a shirt mocking Madison Bumgarner's anger over a home run celebration. It was clear when the Dodgers' in-house organist played "Under the Sea" for Muncy's first at-bat and followed that up with a series of water-themed songs. Or when the scoreboard noted that Muncy's last home run against Bumgarner was currently 25 feet under water and showed a video graphic of Lou Seal surrounded by sharks. 

They don't like Bumgarner around here, never have, and it was ramped up with the noise and drama surrounding every matchup with Muncy, Bumgarner's latest target in blue.

The night did end in boos, but this was never what Bumgarner imagined. He walked off in the fourth, the bases loaded and the Dodgers leading 6-0. Bumgarner briefly looked up at the hatred before ducking his head and disappearing inside the dugout. 

On a night when the Giants twice rallied late, Bumgarner dug too deep a hole. The Giants lost 9-8 in what likely was their ace's final appearance in the rivalry.

"I know it could be," Bumgarner said. "Not that that had anything to do with the result. Mentally I was in the same place I always am. It's not my first bad game I've had against these guys or anyone else. It never gets any easier to swallow."

This was Bumgarner's 35th start against the Dodgers and certainly qualified as his worst. He had never before given up six runs against the rival, but the Dodgers got one in the first on Muncy's single -- after Kiké Hernandez had stolen second and third -- and then poured it on with five runs in a loud fourth inning that ended up being Bumgarner's last.

Kyle Garlick and Austin Barnes, little-known right-handed batters, hit two-run blasts. Bumgarner then gave up three straight singles to the top of the order to load the bases for Muncy. There was no drama -- just a fly ball to left -- but Chris Taylor followed with a hit that made it 6-0 and chased Bumgarner. 

"I just thought balls were up and over the plate," catcher Buster Posey said. "That was the main thing."

The boos cascaded from all directions at Dodger Stadium as the Giants made a change, but that was the least of Bumgarner's concerns. He allowed eight hits in an inning for the first time since June 21, 2011, a start against the Twins that remains the worst of his career. 

This was just the third time that Bumgarner pitched fewer than four innings, gave up double-digit hits and allowed six runs. He had never before allowed double-digit hits to the Dodgers. Asked what happened, Bumgarner paused.

"I don't know," he said. "I wish I had an answer, but I don't. It's frustrating, extremely frustrating, especially with the way our guys played tonight."

The lineup did not break out until Bumgarner had departed, adding a bit more drama to a night full of it. The Dodgers, at every turn, tweaked the left-hander with gimmicks usually reserved for Double-A. They seemed one inning away from introducing a beer batter, and the Giants noticed. If they greet the Dodgers in September with a video montage of Clayton Kershaw postseason games, you will know why. But Bumgarner said he didn't notice the extracurriculars. 

"Come on. Come on," he said. "No."

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He was not concerned about scoreboard videos or an organist. In what likely was his final time here in orange and black, the Giants scored eight runs. Bumgarner still took the loss.

"We should have won that game," he said. "As bad as it was, we should've won the game."

Max Muncy keeps 'poking the bear' before rematch with Madison Bumgarner

Max Muncy keeps 'poking the bear' before rematch with Madison Bumgarner

LOS ANGELES -- Max Muncy will hit cleanup for the Dodgers on Thursday night against Madison Bumgarner, and he made sure to wear a reminder of what that might mean, just in case anyone had forgotten in the last 11 days. 

Muncy took batting practice wearing a "Go Get It Out Of The Ocean" t-shirt, a reference to his post-game quip after his yelling match with Bumgarner. 


Muncy took his time getting out of the box on June 9 when he homered off Bumgarner in their last matchup and the pitcher yelled at him to hurry up. Bumgarner was not on the field before the game, but most Giants hitters had started stretching as Muncy finished up. Manager Bruce Bochy didn't appear to be a fan of the t-shirt. He said it would have been best for both sides to just let this go.

"That's poking the bear," Bochy said. "You poke the bear enough and you can't be upset if he bites back."

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Bochy would not say what kind of bear Bumgarner is, but he brought up his ace's own post-game comments -- his desire to play his own brand of baseball -- and said he appreciates the way Bumgarner competes.

"They want to let kids play, but he's fiery," Bochy said. "I'll miss that as much as anything, the way this man plays."