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Mike Krukow reveals why Giants 'were not too happy' on Sunday in LA

Mike Krukow reveals why Giants 'were not too happy' on Sunday in LA

With every major holiday that occurs during the season, all MLB teams have their jerseys and hats tweaked to feature the colors associated with the holiday.

On Memorial Day, it's camo. On Mother's Day, it's pink. On the Fourth of July, it's red, white and blue.

For Father's Day, it's light blue, and that made for a slightly awkward situation Sunday in Los Angeles as the Giants' black hat was replaced by a light blue hat. Shirts underneath the jersey had to be light blue.

Appearing on KNBR 680 Monday morning, broadcaster Mike Krukow was asked about the Giants' wearing blue against the Dodgers.

"What is up with that? Serious business. And the boys were not too happy about that," Krukow said before the phone connection cut out.

Why do MLB teams wear blue on Father's Day? It's to raise awareness for prostate cancer and raise money for research to fight the disease.

So the Giants may not have been thrilled about wearing the color of their arch rival, but it was for a good cause.

After beating the Dodgers on Sunday, the Giants are back home Monday where they open a 10-game homestand against the Marlins.

What's gotten into Belt's power surge? Krukow identifies biggest difference

What's gotten into Belt's power surge? Krukow identifies biggest difference

Brandon Belt has never hit more than 18 home runs in a season. But through 44 games this season, he's already gone deep 11 times, putting him on a projected pace to finish with 26 homers, according to Steamer Projections and Dan Szymborski's ZiPS Projections.

Belt has homered in four straight games twice this season. He's homered in five of the last seven games for the Giants.

A career .270 hitter, Belt is hitting .313 through Sunday's game.

So what's gotten into Belt's improved numbers at the plate?

"I think the biggest difference is he's hitting the high fastball, which has always been an enigma when you watch this guy wave through, not even foul back, belt-high fastballs one after another. And now he's smothering them. He's having the year we all thought he could have, and more importantly, he's having the year he always thought he could have. He's matured into a nice mindset when he gets in that box. Very, very confident hitter," Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow said on KNBR 680 on Monday morning.

"I think this is the year he gets a lot of recognition for not only his at-bats, but for his glove. We've always felt he's been a gold glover waiting to happen and I think this is the year he finally gets one," Krukow said.

Mike Krukow: 'Pretty miraculous' that Giants won two games in LA

Mike Krukow: 'Pretty miraculous' that Giants won two games in LA

The Giants' 2018 season is off to an interesting start.

They began the season with two 1-0 wins over the Dodgers. Joe Panik provided all the offense with solo home runs in each game.

But the games on Saturday and Sunday were the complete opposite story, as they were shut out 5-0 and 9-0, respectively.

Add it all up and they scored just two runs in four games. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the 2018 Giants are now tied with the 1988 Baltimore Orioles for the second-fewest runs scored in the first four games of the season by current MLB franchises. The 1937 Braves and the 1968 Dodgers hold the record for futility in the first four games of the season with one run each.

On Monday, broadcaster Mike Krukow offered his assessment of the Giants' offensive woes while appearing on KNBR 680.

"The one big concern we had about the Giants going into the season was the bullpen. We found out that the bullpen is pretty good. The one thing after watching this team play all spring long that we just took for granted was that they were going to score some runs, they could hit. Now you go four games into the season and the offense has hit a roadblock," Krukow said. "It's much easier for us to be patient with an offense than for a bullpen that is struggling. That's the takeaway out of this weekend. We can talk about the last two games or the first two games, whatever you want to talk about, they weren't scoring. But the fact that they found a way to win two games with two runs is pretty miraculous."

The 2-2 Giants open their home slate on Tuesday against the Mariners.