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McGlinchey excited to call Staley, Garoppolo teammates

McGlinchey excited to call Staley, Garoppolo teammates

SANTA CLARA -- While the 49ers ignored him for two months after the NFL Scouting Combine, Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey took a visit to meet with the Atlanta Falcons.

On his trip to Flowery Branch, Georgia, he saw his first cousin – his mother’s sister’s son – quarterback Matt Ryan. He thought it was a real possibility of playing for the Falcons, owners of the No. 26 overall draft pick.

So when the 49ers called him on Thursday night when they were on the clock with the ninth selection, McGlinchey was more than a little surprised.

On the 49ers Insider Podcast, McGlinchey said after the initial shock, he is thrilled to come to the Bay Area. In a visit to team's Santa Clara headquarters the day after the draft, McGlinchey met two of his highest-profile new teammates: six-time Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Staley and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

“Joe’s a guy I’ve studied and admired for a long time,” McGlinchey said. “Now to be his teammate is a pretty sweet deal for me.”

McGlinchey explained: “The edge that he plays with, and the technique that he plays with, you try to pull and use in your own game. He’s been a consistent force out there forever. Joe is awesome, and I can’t wait to learn from him and try to see it up-close and in-person now."

McGlinchey said he was equally excited about being teammates with Garoppolo. He said he was able to recognize in a short period of time why there's an aura surrounding Garoppolo.

“Everybody around here is certain that he’s going to be the guy who brings the 49ers back to where they’re supposed to be,” McGlinchey said. “And when you’re around him for 5 to 10 minutes, you can get that feel, as well.

“I’m excited to block for him and keep him upright and keep him helping us win football games.”

After months of workouts, testing and interviews during the pre-draft process, McGlinchey will get back on the field this week for the 49ers’ rookie minicamp. The workouts will include the team's nine draft picks, approximately a dozen undrafted rookies who’ve signed three-year contracts and other players invited to participate in tryouts.

“I’m ready to get back to work,” McGlinchey said. “It’s been a long couple of months off, and I don’t like being without football for very long. So I’m ready to get it rolling.”

Greg Cosell gives scouting report on 49ers' first-round pick McGlinchey

Greg Cosell gives scouting report on 49ers' first-round pick McGlinchey

It was widely speculated that the 49ers would select a defensive player with their first-round pick.

So it was a surprise to many when they selected offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey at No. 9 overall last Thursday.

Hey Greg Cosell -- did you like the pick?

"I like McGlinchey overall as a player," Cosell said on KNBR 680. "I would say arguably he's more of a finesse offensive tackle than a physical power player. He's a little narrow-framed, a little high-cut. But he's really efficient -- he does not have a lot of bad snaps, he plays with consistent technique and execution.

"With coaching, he will get better."

Head coach Kyle Shanahan was effusive in his praise for McGlinchey.

“To me, what separates Mike from everyone else is the person you're getting,” Shanahan said. “It always starts with the film, always, and he has that ability. He has that talent. But, the soldier, how committed he is to football -- his football character.

"He's an O-Lineman who has started 39 straight games. I'm sure he has some injuries, but we haven't seen it because he doesn't talk about them and he just plays.”

Nate Solder -- who played his first seven seasons with the Patriots after being selected 17th overall by New England in 2011 -- signed a 4-year, $62 million deal with the Giants in March.

Is McGlinchey a similar player?

"That's a very good comparison," Cosell said.

Lynch identifies three prospects who were most impressive in interviews

Lynch identifies three prospects who were most impressive in interviews

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers were not interested in trading out of the No. 9 slot on Thursday night because the person they targeted, Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey, was still available.

McGlinchey impressed the 49ers with his size, ability and potential. And he also made a strong impression when he met with the 49ers during a formal interview at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

But McGlinchey was not alone.

Lynch said on Thursday that McGlinchey was one of two draft prospects that stood out. On Saturday, he told NBC Sports Bay Area that after giving it some more thought, he had to make a correction.

“I was thinking about it, there were actually three guys who stood out from everyone else,” Lynch said.

McGlinchey, Florida State safety Derwin James and Georgia running back Sony Michel were the players who impressed Lynch more than any of the others he met during the draft process, he said.

“Those were the guys,” Lynch said. “That’s no knock on all the others, but those guys were – yeah, they were great.”

James was the Los Angeles Chargers’ selection at No. 17 overall. Lynch indicated it was difficult to pass up James with the 49ers' first-round pick.

“Derwin James was just phenomenal,” Lynch said. “That was a hard one because he’s special in his presence, let alone his play.

“And Sony Michel was the same way, just in terms of owning the room.”

The New England Patriots selected Michel in the first round with the No. 31 overall pick.

In discussing the team’s selection of McGlinchey on Thursday, Lynch explained how he and coach Kyle Shanahan weigh the importance of player interviews in the 49ers’ draft process.

“Kyle and I, just as a general philosophy, you didn't want to put too much stock in that because it's 15 minutes,” Lynch said. “I will say, however, just in my life experience, there are some people who command a room and who own a room.

“We have 60 interviews at the combine and he (McGlinchey) was a guy that came in and just kind of owned the room and everyone felt it. It wasn't just me. Kyle felt that way. Our coaches that were in the room felt that way, our scouts in the room. He's got a special presence to him. He's real. He's authentic and he's a badass and we like that.”