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Reporter Klay Thompson sounds like natural on Glenn Robinson dunk call

Reporter Klay Thompson sounds like natural on Glenn Robinson dunk call

Klay Thompson is a quick study.

In his debut as Warriors sideline reporter Wednesday night, it didn't take the injured shooting guard long to get the hang of his new duties. Late in the second quarter, Eric Paschall found Glenn Robinson III for a dunk, and Thompson took the call and ran with it:

Just as he deemed the play, Thompson's call was surprisingly smooth -- that is, until he got to the punchline. The inexperienced Thompson didn't have one prepared, so he had to ask play-by-play commentator Bob Fitzgerald for his go-to.

Commentating runs in the Thompson family, as Klay's father Mychal has long been part of the Lakers' radio broadcast. However, apparently there wasn't a transfer of knowledge.

"My dad didn't give me any tips, either," Klay said. "I was like, 'Yo, pops, man, I'm on the air tonight. Give me something.' He's like, 'Eh, you'll figure it out.'"

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He's one hell of a basketball player, but Klay isn't too shabby at this reporter thing, either.

Why Warriors fans shouldn't want lottery pick over early playoff exit

Why Warriors fans shouldn't want lottery pick over early playoff exit

Warriors fans are tripping for this one.

On Tuesday morning -- a couple hours after Golden State coach Steve Kerr told NBC Sports Bay Area's Logan Murdock that he believes it's "unlikely" we'll see Klay Thompson in a game this season -- KNBR's Mark Willard posted the following poll question on Twitter:

Sure, this is a pretty small sample size of 115 votes, but it represents a certain pocket of the fan base.

"That's crazy," Klay's father, Mychal, told Willard on Wednesday night when asked about the results. "People forget where Draymond Green was drafted. Second round. You always play to make the playoffs, even if it means a first-round exit.

"And you trust that your scouting department can go out there and find a Tony Parker, find a Terry Porter, find a Gilbert Arenas. There's all kind of talented players out there that you can find.

"They don't have to be a top-five pick. The Warriors have a good scouting staff. Make the playoffs and then expect Bob Myers and his scouting staff to draft a good player somewhere in the 20s."

First and foremost, yours truly completely agrees with Mychal that making the playoffs is the preferred route. And if the Warriors do punch their postseason ticket for the eighth straight year, Klay could be ready at that point. He'd be 10 months removed from tearing his left ACL.

Besides, ending up in the draft lottery would mean a lot of losses and frustrating nights this season. Do you really want to go through that?

Now, to Mychal's point about selecting a good player in the 20s -- don't forget that the Warriors traded their 2020 first-round pick to Brooklyn in the Kevin Durant-D'Angelo Russell sign-and-trade.

But keep in mind that the selection is top 20 protected. So the perfect outcome would be the Warriors making the playoffs and the pick landing in the 15-to-20 range. How can this happen?

Well, if the Warriors end up with the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference, they simply need three teams in the Eastern Conference to finish with a better record. The East is not very good outside of the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers, but it's unlikely for the No. 8 seed in the West to finish with more wins than the No. 3 seed in the East (although this did happen in 2014, as the Toronto Raptors went 48-34 and the Dallas Mavericks went 49-33).

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And if that actually ends up happening, then so be it.

The Warriors won't face "hard cap" restrictions next season and will improve the roster through free agency.

Let's put a bookmark in this conversation and revisit in mid-April.

Enjoy the season opener tonight!

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Klay Thompson's dad gives hopeful target date for son's Warriors return

Klay Thompson's dad gives hopeful target date for son's Warriors return

At Media Day on Sept. 30, Warriors general manager Bob Myers ruled Klay Thompson out until at least the All-Star break.

That's when the team is planning on providing its next official update on the star shooting guard. 

So with that in mind, when is Klay's father, Mychal, targeting his son's return to game action?

"I'm hoping sometime in March," he said Wednesday on 95.7 The Game. "There's no definitive date, but that would be nine months from the injury. As long as he's dedicated and determined in his rehab.

"He's got a great physical therapy staff. He'll know before March -- somebody in February or January -- how he's feeling going through all the basketball drills.

"If he has so sit out a year then so be it. He'll know he feels, the Warriors will know how he feels, when it's that time to make that decision."

Klay tore his left ACL during Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Raptors on June 13, and underwent surgery July 2.

If he returns at the nine-month mark, that would put him in uniform on March 14 at Milwaukee, and give him 16 games through the end of the regular season.

"I'm hoping he can be back sometime in March, have a couple weeks under his belt to get ready for the playoffs," Mychal said.

How is Klay holding up mentally?

"It's tough. I told him it's gonna be tough. He's an ultimate competitor. He wants to play. He has so much fun playing for the Warriors and being around the game that he loves.

"I told him it's gonna be a tough mental grind. You got to keep yourself busy -- be around the team, get on the air sometimes with [Bob] Fitzgerald and Kelenna [Azubuike]. Call a game sometimes, they'll be happy to have you call the game.

"Be on the bench and help coach, try to come up with some other business interests. That's what you have to do. You have to keep yourself mentally busy otherwise you'll go crazy because you miss it so much."

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Perhaps the five-time All-Star becomes a regular on Warriors Outsiders? (that won't be happening.)

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