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Kevin Durant mum on details of hushed conversation with LeBron James

Kevin Durant mum on details of hushed conversation with LeBron James

LeBron James is in desperate need of another star to join him in Los Angeles, and not just for "Space Jam 2."

James and the Lakers drastically underperformed during his first year donning purple and gold. Despite getting off to a decent start through the first two months of the season, injuries, poor chemistry and an odd roster derailed the Lakers' season, forcing James to miss the playoffs for the first time since his second season in the league.

With a number of stars including, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving, set to hit free agency this summer, James surely will be trying to recruit some of the NBA's best to join him in Tinseltown.

So it's only natural that when TNT cameras caught James and Durant whispering during a timeout in the Warriors' win over the Lakers, the internet went nuts.

If you ask Durant, though, the conversation was much ado about nothing. But that doesn't mean he's going to tell you what they talked about. 

“Everybody wants to know what we’re talking about,” Durant said. “It wasn’t even that serious. Just laughing and joking and catching up.”

Durant is expected to opt out of his contract at the end of the season, and many believe he'll depart the Bay Area, with the Lakers, Knicks, Clippers and Nets seen as possible landing spots. 

With his offseason plans unknown, media members and fans will continue to dissect Durant's every move, and he knows that.

“Everybody is so interested, especially in LeBron. So whoever he talks to, the lipreaders are going to try to figure that out,” Durant said. “You guys are infatuated with that whole thing. It’s fun. People try to figure it out.”

It's likely that Durant and James were just catching up and not hatching some plan to revive the Lakers.

While the Lakers do have the cap space to sign a max free agent this summer, the possibility of Durant leaving the Warriors to join James and the rest of the young Lakers seems unlikely. Earlier this season, Durant called the environment around James "toxic" due to the amount of media attention the superstar commands. The two-time NBA Finals MVP also has been vocal in the past about his desire to be seen as the best player in the NBA, and while James had an injury-plagued season in LA, he's still seen as the NBA's marquee talent. Joining him to win a title in LA likely wouldn't help Durant's desire to be elevated above King James.

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If Durant does leave the Warriors, many believe he will join the Knicks, potentially along with Irving, to try to bring a title to one of the NBA's big-name franchises.

Of course, it still seems far-fetched that the 30-year-old star will leave the Warriors, especially if they win another NBA title this season. Coming back to try and four-peat seems like his best option, but there are some who can't resist the glitz of New York or LA.

But until Durant signs on the dotted line this summer, whispers about the Knicks and Lakers will continue to swirl around the Warriors star.

NBA rumors: Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving relationship 'as strong as ever'

NBA rumors: Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving relationship 'as strong as ever'

Until Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving make a decision on their basketball futures, their every move will be analyzed.

Both the Golden State Warriors forward and the Boston Celtics star are set to hit the free-agent market this summer, and both have neglected to commit to re-sign with their respective teams, leading to speculation and rumors that both could be on their way out the door.

It's well known that Durant and Irving are close friends, and that friendship has led many to wonder if the two could join forces this summer, with the New York Knicks being seen as the team that could sign both stars this offseason.

The Knicks have been a train wreck for most of this century, but ESPN's Brian Windhorst sees a scenario in which the Knicks sign both Durant and Irving this offseason and trade for Anthony Davis.

While a trade for Davis seems like a pipe dream for the Knicks unless they win the NBA Draft Lottery and trade the No. 1 overall pick, the possibility of Durant and Irving joining forces certainly is in the realm of possibility, as the two stars talk almost every day, Windhorst reported on "The Hoop Collective" podcast.

"Let's say the Knicks don't get No. 1. Let's say the Knicks get No. 2 or No. 3," Windhorst said. "Think about a scenario where, in the same offseason, the Knicks could get Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving because I think it's in play. I think it's hard to trade Zion [Williamson] even for Anthony Davis because Anthony Davis only has a one-year commitment.

"But let's say they do get KD. Let's say that KD and [Irving], and by the way, I’ve had someone reputable this week tell me their relationship is as strong as ever, that Durant and Kyrie talk every day and, if not, text every day.”

Now, is the fact that two friends talk news? No. But it's hard to see the two close friends communicating every day without discussing their basketball future at least a few times, right?

Both Durant and Irving have been combative this season, and it seems like both could be leaning toward leaving their respective situations in the Bay Area and Boston. 

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As the NBA playoffs near, talk surrounding Durant and Irving only will intensify.

If the two stars change addresses and join forces, the very landscape of the NBA will be altered overnight. The Warriors and the Celtics would be knocked down a peg, and the Knicks would be elevated from Eastern Conference cellar dwellers to potential NBA Finals contenders.

While it's hard to see Durant or Irving leaving their current teams for the circus known as the Knicks, the potential to play together might be too great of an opportunity for them to pass up.

Why Caris LeVert believes Nets can get Kevin Durant in NBA free agency

Why Caris LeVert believes Nets can get Kevin Durant in NBA free agency

We're not sure if you've heard, but Kevin Durant likely will be a free agent this offseason.

The Golden State Warriors star has the option to opt out of his current contract at the end of the season, and many have pegged the New York Knicks as the likely landing spot for KD.

While the thought of playing in Madison Square Garden and delivering an NBA title to the Knicks certainly could sound appealing to Durant, is the other team in the Big Apple actually a more appealing situation?

When it was announced that Nets star D'Angelo Russell will be giving Durant a tour of Brooklyn on the Warriors star's new series "Fly By," many viewed it as a hint that the Nets and not the Knicks are the New York team with the best shot at landing the two-time NBA Finals MVP.

And one Nets player couldn't agree more. In fact, Caris LeVert believes the Nets have everything a superstar like KD could want. 

"It’s pretty cool,” LeVert told the New York Post of Russell being a part of Durant's show. “It speaks to not only what we’ve done this season as a team, but to what D’Angelo has done on the court and also being a leader off the court that guys like Kevin Durant want to be close to him and a part of what he’s doing.

“I don’t think superstars, especially Kevin, want to be the one who has to carry the whole team, the full load on his own. He’s in his 30s now, so he definitely wants to go to a team that has a good core, has a good culture, has good guys on the team, and we fit all those categories.”

The Nets are slated to have a lot of salary-cap space this summer, and they have a roster full of talented young players, including Russell, LeVert, Jarrett Allen and Spencer Dinwiddie. The Knicks, on the other hand, don't have a whole lot to offer other than the wild idea of pairing Durant with fellow free agent Kyrie Irving and potential No. 1 overall draft pick Zion Williamson. But as awesome as that looks on paper, it's still very much a pipe dream. 

LeVert also believes that playing with Russell, who has emerged as a star this season, would be a big draw for Durant. 

“[Russell’s] played at an All-Star level," LeVert told the Post. "Everybody wants to play with a great point guard, a great floor general, and he’s put himself in that conversation for sure. That lessens the load for a guy like Kevin Durant or another superstar who wants to come play with us. They don’t want to be the only one on the team, so that’s very attractive that D’Angelo has elevated himself to that level to play with.”

The Michigan product has trained with Durant, so perhaps he has some inside information, but it seems like he's just shooting his shot. 

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers also have been mentioned as potential landing spots for Durant this summer, along with the Nets and the Knicks.

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There will be no shortage of suitors for the 2014 NBA MVP should he elect to hit the market, but it's hard to see him leaving the NBA's behemoth by the Bay for the Nets. Or the Knicks. Or the Lakers.

Crazier things have happened, though.