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NBA odds: Warriors betting favorites for 2020 title, but Knicks third

NBA odds: Warriors betting favorites for 2020 title, but Knicks third

It's not even June 2019 and there's already betting odds on who will win the NBA Finals in 2020. 

And what do you know, the Warriors are still the favorites. As of this publishing date, Caesars gives the Warriors the top odds at +200. 

But wait, who's that with the third-best odds? Ahh those pesky Knicks who haven't won a title since 1973. 

This comes with the clear assumption that the Knicks will at the very least sign Warriors star Kevin Durant this summer during free agency. Plenty of people around the league have long rumored KD's departure from the Bay Area with a move to the Big Apple. 

There's even the chance that Celtics star point guard Kyrie Irving could join Durant on the Knicks.

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So far, Durant has given no public indication if he'll return to the Warriors next season or move on and find a new home. All he and the Dubs are focused on right now is getting his strained right calf healthy so both sides can reach their goal of completing a three-peat.

Recent history shows the Knicks sure do get the result they want when the odds are in their favor, too. See Williamson, Zion.

NBA Draft Lottery 2019: Pelicans win Zion Williamson draw for No. 1 pick


NBA Draft Lottery 2019: Pelicans win Zion Williamson draw for No. 1 pick

In all likelihood, Zion Williamson will begin his career in the Big Easy.

That's because the New Orleans Pelicans won Tuesday night's NBA draft lottery. The Duke superstar is expected by many to be the top pick in next month's draft, and the Pelicans will be able to call Williamson's name at the podium June 20 in Brooklyn. New Orleans had the seventh-best odds of the 14 teams in the lottery, with a six percent chance of winning. 

Here are the full results of Tuesday's draft lottery. 

1. New Orleans Pelicans
2. Memphis Grizzlies
3. New York Knicks
4. Los Angeles Lakers
5. Cleveland Cavaliers
6. Phoenix Suns
7. Chicago Bulls
8. Atlanta Hawks
9. Washington Wizards
10. Atlanta Hawks (via Dallas Mavericks)
11. Minnesota Timberwolves
12. Charlotte Hornets
13. Miami Heat
14. Boston Celtics (via Kings)

The Kings would've picked No. 14 overall in this draft, but forfeited their pick after trading former first-round pick Nik Stauskas to the Philadelphia 76ers in order to pursue free agents in the summer of 2015. The 76ers then traded that pick to the Boston Celtics at the 2017 NBA Draft, moving back from the No. 1 spot while Philadelphia moved up to pick former University of Washington guard Markelle Fultz. Both the Kings and Sixers probably are kicking themselves for said trades, as either team would have been able to add a cost-controlled player to their roster ahead of pivotal summers.  

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The Knicks won't be able to pick Williamson, and that's good news for the Warriors. Kevin Durant might or might not have his heart set on going to New York this summer -- depending upon who you ask -- but the Knicks' ability to surround Durant with talent just got more difficult. New York still has more salary-cap space than anyone else, but a trade package for disgruntled Pelicans star Anthony Davis won't be as enticing with Williamson already in New Orleans. The Knicks can still easily sign another star with Durant, but their path to NBA Finals contention won't be a straight line. 

The Lakers did not land Williamson, but they will be able to add a young cost-controlled player to their lineup to play with LeBron James. Depending on who they select at No. 4 -- NBC Sports California's James Ham predicts they'll select Jarrett Culver out of Texas Tech -- they might even have a more enticing trade package to land disgruntled Davis in a trade. Whether the Warriors lose Durant or not, a James-Davis combination would pose problems for the reigning champions.

The Kings, meanwhile, would then have yet one more team in a loaded Western Conference to fend off as they try to return to the NBA playoffs for the first time since 2006. The Lakers' pick is no guarantee that Davis is headed to Hollywood, but the possibility at least has to be considered. 

The worst news for the Warriors and Kings, though, is that they'll play Williamson at least three times a year for the foreseeable future. The Warriors' stranglehold on the Western Conference could loosen if Durant walks in free agency, while the Kings would have another up-and-coming team to contend with as they try to return to the NBA playoffs for the first time since 2006. 

NBA rumors: Kevin Durant to Knicks '100 percent done,' veteran player says

NBA rumors: Kevin Durant to Knicks '100 percent done,' veteran player says

Every day now it seems we go back and forth with the Kevin Durant free-agency rumors.

He's staying with the Warriors. He's going to New York. What about the Clippers?

Round and round we go.

But FOX Sports 1's Colin Cowherd dropped some information on Tuesday's edition of "The Herd" that makes it seem like all the speculation should stop.

While discussing the possibility of the Warriors winning the NBA Finals without Durant -- who currently is out with a calf strain -- Cowherd said an "NBA veteran" slid into his DMs and told him Durant is "100 percent" going to the Knicks and has even started recruiting other players. 

First of all, Cowherd is open about the fact that he trusts this player and that this could end up being a total farce.

Durant has been open about the fact that he doesn't know what he will do this summer, and it's always seemed like his mind could change up until the moment he puts pen to paper.

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For now, the Warriors are focused on dispatching the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference finals en route to what they hope is a third straight title. 

But once the confetti falls on this year's NBA champion, the Dubs will turn their attention to keep their championship core together, and that starts with Durant.