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2020 NBA mock draft 7.0: Projecting Warriors, Kings' first-round picks

2020 NBA mock draft 7.0: Projecting Warriors, Kings' first-round picks

There is growing hope that the NBA will resume in the coming months. That means that eventually, we will have a draft order to work with, followed by a lottery and sometime later this summer, an actual draft.  
With more than two-thirds of the practice facilities around the league already open under restriction guidelines, we should know more about the fate of the season very soon.  
There is still a lot that can change between now and draft night. Players will either help or hurt themselves during the interview process and there is still a sliver of hope that a natural draft process, including a combine and draft visits, will take place sometime down the road.
To add a more realistic spin to the mock, we’ve turned to the draft simulator on to randomize the lottery order. Here is a look at NBC Sports California’s 2020 Mock Draft 7.0.


NBA Draft 2020: Warriors' five best options with No. 1 overall pick

NBA Draft 2020: Warriors' five best options with No. 1 overall pick

Possessing the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft can reshape a franchise, instantly turning it into a contender.

But as Warriors fans know all too well, not every top draft selection ends up becoming a generational superstar.

The 2019-20 season saw the Warriors fall off a cliff from a five-year dynasty to owning the NBA’s worst record when the coronavirus pandemic put the remainder of the schedule on an indefinite pause.

That record gives general manager Bob Myers and the Warriors the league’s best odds at the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery.

Even if Golden State ends up securing the top pick, there could be some intriguing trade offers for it, which might entice a team that should be back among the Western Conference’s contenders in 2020-21.

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If the Warriors are awarded the No. 1 overall pick and elect to hold onto it, there are plenty of potential superstars that await in the draft pool.

In no particular order, these are the Warriors' five-best options if they elect to hold onto the No. 1 pick.


NBA Draft 2020: Warriors Twitter debates three No. 1 pick scenarios

NBA Draft 2020: Warriors Twitter debates three No. 1 pick scenarios

The 2020 NBA Draft order still is unknow. The same somewhat goes for when the event will take place. But that has not stopped draft conversations from booming online.

There is a large contingent of Warriors fans who are active and engaged in the Twitter community, discussing all things Dubs, so of course the draft is a prevalent topic. We have heard from many basketball pundits and analysts, so now let's hear from some prominent Warriors fans on what they think the Warriors should do in the draft,

If the Warriors have the No. 1 pick in the draft (and do not trade it), who should they select?

@samesfandiari: I don't think any player in this draft will be an instant impact player and because of that, I would go with highest realistic upside. To me that is Anthony Edwards. 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds with a long wingspan. He profiles like a solid downhill playmaking combo guard who can play defense.

If he develops to his potential, he has star upside. I think you have to reach on that upside, even if he might not be player most suited to help Golden State in 2020-1    

@AndyKHLiu: No one. But seriously, if they absolutely had to draft someone, give me Deni Avdija. I'm sticking with someone that I think with the proper structure around him and an organization that isn't going to force him to become a scorer right away, can become a Gordon Hayward, even prime Nicolas Batum type of player.

Strong defender, great passer, high IQ, good shooter and the length to function as a secondary scorer. I think Deni has a safe enough floor. 

@GSWReddit: It's hard to answer this because this draft seems to be such a crapshoot and you always want to take the best player available and get the best value for your pick, but none of these prospects seem to be top-pick material, so you're essentially reaching on anyone you take.

Having said that, I think if the Warriors are forced to pick at No. 1, they'll probably go for Edwards. He seems to offer the most upside among the top picks in terms of having a balance of both All-Star potential, but also hopefully having the ability to contribute right away, which is something Kerr has stressed recently. He brings some much-needed size at guard and you can never have too much scoring.

He's probably the best value they can get at that pick.

@Jannelle12: The Warriors should select Obi Toppin for the first pick. Obi is the stretch four that will fit what the Dubs do perfectly on offense. He understands spacing, and operates well in the pick-and-roll and in the post. The Warriors need someone that they can "plug and play" and doesn't need a lot of development.

Obi fits that description.

@TheWarriorsTalk: The only correct answer here for Golden State should be Georgia freshman guard Anthony Edwards. The 18-year-old guard is the prototypical Warrior who can play on both ends of the floor, can shoot and is long and athletic.

What I like most about this potential pairing is that Edwards has All-Star potential, yet won't be thrown into the fire and expected to lead a team in his first professional season still will be able to significantly produce in his rookie year.  

He'll benefit from playing with basketball legends who are in their prime, setting him up for a long, successful career (hopefully with Golden State) even when Steph, Klay and Draymond decide to hang 'em up.

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Which top prospect should the Warriors avoid at No. 1?

@samesfandiari: Whoever those pesky Warriors Outsiders like. Jokes aside, I would be wary of James Wiseman, unless someone far smarter than me is convinced he will eventually become a high-level passer or shooter.  

Bigs who profile as interior presence, protecting the rim are becoming easier and easier to find, and thus less valuable. They are becoming the running backs of the NBA. The Warriors should be looking for playmakers with a top pick, even if there isn't a path for them to start in next couple of years.

@AndyKHLiu: Another reason why I want Deni is unless one of these undersized guards or undersized wings has an elite skill, why draft them? Anthony Edwards likely is too small and not good enough of a shooter to be better than Monta [Ellis]. LaMelo Ball shoots like you and I. And James Wiseman is found on the scrap heap every year for the vet minimum. 

@GSWReddit: To echo recent reports, Ball and Wiseman. Ball's talented and will make one of these franchises really happy, he's just not the right fit in Golden State. There are too many question marks surrounding his defense and shooting and he projects to be someone who will take a while to develop, which the Warriors just don't have time for with their window closing.

Although Wiseman is intriguing, the Warriors have had a center-by-committee approach for as long as we've known and it just doesn't make sense to use a top pick on a center when in the important moments of a game Draymond always will be at that spot.

@Jannelle12: I think the Warriors should avoid any pick that’s not need based. This draft isn’t really a deep one talent wise, and the Warriors want someone that doesn’t need a lot of development --because they don’t develop. They need someone that can contribute right away.

@TheWarriorsTalk: We've all heard chatter that James Wiseman has No. 1 pick potential, and that might be the right move for many teams, but not the Warriors.  

Golden State has been able to win championships while filling out the center position with the likes of Andrew Bogut, Zaza Pachulia, Javale McGee, Damian Jones, Festus Ezeli and of course the icon Ognjen Kuzmic.

No knock on any of the guys just mentioned but with the exception of Bogut there isn't a top-five pick amongst them. My point is the Warriors historically have flourished going center by committee or by flat out playing small ball for long stretches, thus no need for Wiseman on this team. 

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If the Warriors could trade down to No. 6 or 7, who would be your dream selection?

@samesfandiari: Toss-up between Isaac Okoro and Tyrese Haliburton. If I had to guess, these are the two players projected to go in the lottery that Steve Kerr would like the most and it's not hard to see why.

Both remind me of players from 2014 to 2019 Warriors -- high IQ and team oriented. Okoro can clearly defend and makes a lot of 'winning plays.' Haliburton has characteristics that remind me of a younger Shaun Livingston or Lonzo Ball. I would be happy with either player.

I think Warriors would be quite happy if they did end up trading down and ending up with either of these two players

@AndyKHLiu: Steve Kerr and company will draft someone with limited upside, high IQ and mediocre shooting ability. Give me Killian Hayes. He's a clone of D'Angelo Russell and James Harden.

While that player isn't what the Warriors need today, keep in mind, D-Lo was a player that already was set in his ways and tough for the Warriors to scheme around. By the time Steph finds the downside of his career, a primary scorer like Hayes at point guard will usher in the new era.

Hell, why not just take him No. 1?

@GSWReddit: Toppin seems like the obvious choice. The Warriors appear enamored with him and among the top prospects, he seems to be the one most NBA ready and would be able to immediately contribute.

The only issue concerning him would be position, as he seems to overlap with Eric Paschall a bit as scoring forwards. He might not be there that far down, so a for maybe a more realistic fit I'd say, Haliburton. He has a well-rounded offensive game and seems very capable defensively for a point guard.

He could be the perfect backup for Steph that they're looking for. 

@Jannelle12: If the Warriors trade down, I wouldn’t mind them getting either Onyeka Okongwu from USC or Cassius Stanley from Duke. Okongwu can finish around the rim and gives them another lob threat. He can clog lanes, block and deflect.  

Stanley is a 3-and-D guard who can find some meaningful minutes in the rotation. He excels in transition and perimeter defense. 

@TheWarriorsTalk: I think it would be fun if the Warriors grabbed LaMelo Ball with the No. 6 or 7 pick. I know Melo recently has been talked about as a potential No. 1 pick, but I just don't see that happening.  

Melo is a high risk, high reward pick anywhere in the top 10 and the No. 6 or 7 pick in the draft is the sweet spot where Golden State should roll the dice. If it pans out, you have a future franchise point guard to take the reins once Steph Curry rides off into the sunset. Ball has professional basketball experience under his belt, is only 18 years old and is very exciting to watch.

Disclaimer: I'm on team Lavar. #BBB