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Warriors fans ranked seventh best in sports, No. 1 in NBA by Forbes

Warriors fans ranked seventh best in sports, No. 1 in NBA by Forbes

If you're a Warriors fan -- whether you're having a bad day or not -- this just might cheer you up.

Forbes ranked the fans of all 123 teams in the four major North American sports, and there are two main takeaways from a Dub Nation perspective.

No. 1: The Warriors finished No. 7 overall (behind the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks).

No. 2: The Warriors are No. 1 in the NBA.

So how did Forbes come to this conclusion? Well, as Christina Settimi writes:

Measuring passion is a tricky thing. Crazy certainly helps, but we look at more concrete evidence, including television ratings, game attendance, merchandise sales and social media reach.

With the Warriors specifically:

You couldn’t give this team’s merchandise away a decade ago; today, it’s a bestseller, led by Stephen Curry’s jersey. An added bonus: the league’s highest average local television rating during 2018-19.

And after a disastrous 2019-20 season for Golden State in terms of wins and losses, you better believe Warriors fans are ready to explode next year.

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If life eventually returns to "normal" once a vaccine is developed for the coronavirus (COVID-19) -- and if the Warriors are a title contender again next season and beyond -- Chase Center is going to be rockin' and the TV ratings will soar.

And if Giannis Antetokounmpo somehow ends up putting on a Warriors uniform ...

... oh boy.

Lastly, if you don't root for the Dubs and believe it's just a bunch of bandwagon fans who cheer for the Warriors -- you are mistaken.

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Did some people jump onboard specifically during the 2014-15 season when the franchise won its first NBA championship in 40 years? Of course.

But the Bay Area packed Oracle Arena even when the team made the playoffs just one time over an 18-year span from 1995 to 2012.

Warriors fans have been extremely passionate and loyal for a long, long time.

A quick Google search will provide the truth.

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What fans would want to name Warriors' own 'Last Dance' documentary

What fans would want to name Warriors' own 'Last Dance' documentary

“The Last Dance,” has been a special documentary to watch during an unprecedented time when sports are hiatus.

The ESPN feature details Michael Jordan’s career, the rise of the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s and chronciles dynasty's final season.

What if the Warriors had their own 10-part behind-the-scenes series about their rise to NBA prominence, the arrival of Kevin Durant and their last run together?

More importantly, what would we call it?

The fans have spoken, as NBC Sports Bay Area posted a question to ask what would the title of this possible project be named.

We weren’t disappointed.

On Instagram, the top comments were: “Strength in Numbers,” the philosophy the team adopted in 2014 where the dynasty began, and “The Golden Years,” which played into the connection to the team’s colors, and the years they put up phenomenal seasons.

Or, we could take the more facetious route and go with these:

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Could almost guarantee a long line wrapped around the building for fans waiting to see: “So Good, Grown Men Logged Onto Twitter to Cry Every Single Day for Five Years, a six-part series.”

What say you?

Sure, this 10-part series would require an exorbitant amount of man-hours, footage and interviews, but it would be worth it.

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Why Oracle Park stands above rest as Bay Area's best live sports venue


Why Oracle Park stands above rest as Bay Area's best live sports venue

We really are blessed here in the Bay Area.

From the waters of McCovey Cove brushing up against Oracle Park to the shiny panache of the Warriors’ new digs down the street at Chase Center to the South Bay behemoth that is Levi’s Stadium, Northern California features some beautiful homes for its professional teams.

NBC Sports Bay Area compiled an eight-team bracket of the best arenas and stadiums the Bay has to offer on social media Saturday, giving fans the opportunity to anoint a champion. Some of these decisions were easy, others not so much.

We’ll start with the top left side of the bracket and work counterclockwise.

Oracle Park vs. Candlestick

Obviously 49ers fans who were around for the dynastic run through the 1980s and 1990s have a special place in their heart for the team’s former stomping grounds. But this is an easy decision. 

Oracle Park has been through plenty of names but has maintained the beauty and charm that have consistently made it among MLB fans’ favorite stadiums overall. Looking out over the field and out into the San Francisco Bay on a Sunday afternoon, there are few views in professional sports that equate.

Candlestick was a shell of its former self by the end, not to mention that unbearable wind. Plenty of championships and success were had by both the 49ers and Giants at Candlestick, but in terms of where the average fan would want to watch a game, Oracle Park clearly is the choice.

Chase Center vs. Coliseum

This must be a typo, right?

The Coliseum has plenty of history in its past, but any stadium that has sewage seeping into the dugouts and locker rooms doesn’t belong anywhere near a list of the best facilities.

There wasn’t much winning in the inaugural NBA season at Chase Center for the Warriors, but it’s pretty easy to see when arriving why the total cost of the arena is north of $2 billion. 

Chase Center wins in a landslide.

Levi’s Stadium vs. Earthquakes Stadium

Although Levi’s Stadium always has been met with mixed reviews by 49ers fans, it still is quite an impressive facility on appearance alone. The stadium also was well ahead of its time when it came to technology.

Earthquakes Stadium, meanwhile, is the smallest in Major League Soccer, having been constructed back in 2015. While it did build what at the time was the largest outdoor bar in North America, the allure of the average Bay Area sports fan never was fully captured.

Levi’s comes out on top here, although the idea of a massive outdoor bar sounds pretty enticing once these social distancing guidelines are lifted.

SAP Center vs. Oakland Arena (formerly Oracle)

The atmosphere of a Sharks game at SAP Center is excellent, and the team has brought some incredible moments to the fans in the South Bay, including most recently the incredible third-period comeback against the Vegas Golden Knights in last year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

But there was no experience in the NBA like a playoff game inside “Roaracle.” The noise and raucous environment made life miserable for all of the Warriors’ postseason foes. Although the team clinched just one of its three recent NBA titles at Oracle, there are way more than a handful of iconic moments in team history that played out inside the hallowed halls of Oakland’s largest basketball arena.

Although the arena no longer is hosting any NBA action, the endless memories and atmosphere put it over the top of the SAP Center.


Oracle Park vs. Chase Center

This one is tricky.

Chase Center likely wins out based on appearance alone, but Oracle Park has so many more quintessential moments in Giants’ history, with the team bringing home three World Series titles in five seasons.

Both have a waterfront location and barely are a mile apart. 

Until the Warriors can bring their winning ways across the Bay, Oracle Park sneaks by here in probably the tightest matchup of this mini-tournament.

Oakland Arena vs. Levi’s Stadium

This one is tougher than it sounds. Levi’s Stadium is so far superior from a technology perspective, and we finally got to hear postseason roars in Santa Clara when the Niners won two playoff games in 2019 at home, both in commanding fashion.

But there was something special about Oakland Arena during a playoff series that can’t be replicated by any stadium or arena in the Bay.

It’s hard to explain without being in it, but the explosion of euphoria that took over the arena when Steph Curry or Klay Thompson would hit a big shot late in a playoff game or even a decent regular-season game is unmatched.

Oakland Arena advances.

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Oracle Park vs. Oakland Arena

The folks over at the Oracle corporate offices must be smiling here, as the company name has preceded both of these special venues. 

Similar championship and tradition histories make this decision arduous.

But for a combination of a great fan experience and a facility rich with winning heritage, it has to be China Basin and Oracle Park that takes the cake here. Plus, it's hard to beat those garlic fries.

Hopefully, soon we can return to all of these venues and enjoy a game in-person, as American sports remain entirely on pause while we battle the coronavirus.