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Steph Curry omits LeBron James, Kevin Durant from all-time starting five

Steph Curry omits LeBron James, Kevin Durant from all-time starting five

When Stephen Curry's career is all said and done, there's a good chance many of the current younger generations of NBA fans will include him in their all-time starting five. They have seen the game evolve in front of their very own eyes, and no player was more responsible for that transition than the greatest shooter ever.

But Curry's career isn't over yet. Not even close. And as things currently stand, even he wouldn't include himself in his all-time starting five.

On the most recent episode of Showtime's "All the Smoke" with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, Curry was asked which five players he would nominate for that lofty designation, and it's pretty tough to disagree with his selections.

Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan and Shaquille O'Neal? Safe to say that squad would be tough to beat. Of course, if there's one thing that the five-man unit is lacking, it's probably a lack of perimeter shooting. Maybe that's how Curry eventually fits in.

It's worth noting that Curry didn't include LeBron James on his list. Of course, if reported rivalries are to be believed, perhaps that explains the omission. Same goes for Kevin Durant, who recently left Curry out of his top-six hardest players to guard in the league. Are these sour grapes being thrown back and forth?

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It's certainly possible in the modern NBA, but a far more likely explanation is that James and Durant, like Curry, aren't finished yet.

Matt Barnes puts Warriors' Steph Curry in all-time NBA starting five


Matt Barnes puts Warriors' Steph Curry in all-time NBA starting five

Matt Barnes isn't afraid to let his feelings be known. The Sacramento native, who played for both the Kings and Warriors, does not mince his words. 

In a Bleacher Report AMA (Ask Me Anything) Barnes made it clear Monday how much he respects Warriors superstar point guard Steph Curry.

"Incredible," Barnes said when asked what it was like playing with Curry. "Played against him for so many years, but when I was playing with him, seeing how hard he worked ... just to see his preparation and how amazing he was as a shooter. Seeing these guys in practice was incredible." 

Barnes didn't stop there, either. He also listed Steph in his all-time starting five along with Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal. 

In the great words of Knicks superfan and creator of some sitcom about nothing, Larry David, that starting five would be pretty, pretty, pretty good. 

Barnes, 39, finished his 14-year NBA career as a champion with the Warriors in 2017. After playing with Curry at the end of the 2016-17 season, he's made sure to stand up for Steph. 

"I think, he came in, he's the golden boy," Barnes said on ESPN's "First Take" back in June. "He came in and destroyed record books, won championships, beat LeBron -- he's done a lot of things that probably angered other players and other fans. That's why I don't think he gets the respect he deserves. 

"He's obviously the greatest shooter to ever play the game and I can see people being bitter from that. Not to mention the whole light-skinned thing, and people have problems with that. Like I said, he's a perfect example of what the NBA needs to be represented as and people don't like that either.

"Most of the time when people are so good or something's so perfect, people don't like that and that's exactly what you get with Steph."

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Barnes is someone you want on your side, and Steph certainly does.

Why Shaquille O'Neal needs to kiss Steve Kerr's cheese-covered feet


Why Shaquille O'Neal needs to kiss Steve Kerr's cheese-covered feet

If NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal is a man of his word, he has some feet to kiss.

Steve Kerr's feet covered in cheese, to be exact.

What in the world are we talking about? Back in the mid-2000s, after appearing in four out of five NBA Finals, Shaq said this during an interview on ESPN.

"If a coach takes a team to the Finals four out of five years, I'll kiss his feet on [the TV show] Fear Factor, with cheese on it," Shaq said. "I will never be done again."

Former Warriors forward David West sent the clip to Kerr, who posted it on Twitter on Monday night.

Shaq responded a little later, and it appears he will make good on his word.

Kerr didn't just go to four out of five NBA Finals. He went to five straight NBA Finals ... in his first five years as an NBA coach.

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Shaq and Kerr have a history together. Aside from playing against each other in the NBA, Kerr was the general manager of the Phoenix Suns and engineered a trade to acquire Shaq from the Heat in 2008.

Anyway, Shaq, it happened, despite your proclamation that it wouldn't. Pucker up, Big Cactus.