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Steph Curry won't make another NBA Finals because of trade, Nick Wright says

Steph Curry won't make another NBA Finals because of trade, Nick Wright says

There was a flurry of deals around the NBA trade deadline Thursday, but none generated more discussion than the Warriors’ deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The one player Golden State brought in the draft pick-heavy transaction was former No. 1 overall selection Andrew Wiggins, whose potential always has outshined his production in his NBA career.

While NBC Sports Bay Area’s Logan Murdock gave the deal a slightly above-average grade, the morning talk-show pundits -- especially FS1's Nick Wright -- were not so forgiving when discussing Wiggins and his impact on his new team.

Steph Curry hasn't played a single minute with Wiggins, so saying he won't make another appearance in the NBA Finals ever again seems a bit premature.

Next year's Warriors starting lineup still will feature a two-time MVP in Curry, a five-time All-Star in Klay Thompson, Wiggins, a former NBA Defensive Player of the Year winner in Draymond Green, and a center who likely will come from either the draft or free agency this summer.

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Golden State undoubtedly is rolling the dice by bringing in a player like Wiggins, but general manager Bob Myers and the rest of the organization are confident in the culture.

These next few months will give the Warriors a glimpse, but until the Splash Brothers both return to full health and log some real minutes with Wiggins, we won’t know just how much of that culture the 24-year-old has soaked up, and whether he'll really be the difference in Golden State no longer being a championship contender.

Tom Brady could replace Jimmy G if 49ers lose Super Bowl, Skip Bayless says

Tom Brady could replace Jimmy G if 49ers lose Super Bowl, Skip Bayless says

All season long, 49ers players have been trying to get the media to give Jimmy Garoppolo credit for their success.

Despite Garoppolo's record as a starting quarterback and regular-season stats, most in the national media see him as the 49ers' weak link heading into their Super Bowl LIV matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Then there's Skip Bayless, who took the Jimmy G bashing five levels too far.

"If Tom Brady were the quarterback of the 49ers going into this Super Bowl, they would be a five-point favorite instead of a one-and-a-half point underdog," Bayless said on FS1's "Undisputed" on Monday. "You know it and I know it because what is the X-factor we are about to talk about for the next two weeks? What is the potential Achilles heel for the 49ers? Who is the guy that Kyle Shanahan will do his darndest to keep the ball out of his hands?

"It's Jimmy Garoppolo."

Yes, the 49ers are 1.5-point underdogs. But that's because of the Chiefs' high-powered offense. Garoppolo is 19-5 as a starter with San Francisco. He's thrown 44 touchdown passes in his career and has been intercepted just 21 times.

Garoppolo is not a top-tier quarterback, but he's not the 49ers' Achilles heel.

But wait, there's more.

"If Tom Brady were the quarterback, he would be so much more poised because Jimmy can go deer-in-headlights, he's much more accurate than Jimmy G is," Bayless continued. "He's just more trustworthy under fire especially in Super Bowls, which Tom Brady has mostly owned. He's 6-3 in Super Bowls and to me, he's not getting any older.

"You think he's done, he's over the hill, he's washed up."

Of course Brady is more trustworthy, Skip. He's in the conversation for best quarterback of all time. Garoppolo has two career playoff starts.

Bayless saved his best hot take for last. Get ready for this one, 49ers fans.

"Here's my final takeaway," Bayless said. "If by chance, I'll knock on wood for the 49ers, if Jimmy G becomes the reason by far that they lose this Super Bowl, if he throws three picks and completely unravels and just looks awful in the face of Patrick Mahomes, I would not be shocked if John Lynch, the 49ers GM, if he doesn't in the offseason make a play for Tom Brady because it has been written several times that they could get out from under Jimmy G without any huge salary cap hit."

That's right. Skip Bayless just suggested that the 49ers would replace the 28-year-old Garoppolo with the 42-year-old Brady.

Bayless is off his rocker, but we already knew that.

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There's no way the 49ers are moving on from Garoppolo this offseason, no matter what he does in the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. He is the face of the franchise and under contract for three more seasons.

Garoppolo was supposed to replace Brady in New England. That didn't work out. Now, there's no chance Brady replaces Garoppolo in San Francisco.

Antonio Cromartie asks 'who cares' in Richard Sherman-Darrelle Revis spat

Antonio Cromartie asks 'who cares' in Richard Sherman-Darrelle Revis spat

Richard Sherman is not mad, it's just funny to him.

The 49ers cornerback didn't take kindly to some social-media criticism from retired All-Pro corner Darrelle Revis, who questioned Sherman's ability to cover wide receivers man-to-man after the veteran allowed his first completion of 20-plus air yards this season

The two traded barbs in the wake of the 49ers advancing to Super Bowl LIV in Miami with a win in Sunday's NFC Championship Game at Levi's Stadium, and it wouldn't be beef between the best defensive backs of the 2010s without Antonio Cromartie being brought into the conversation by those looking to embrace debate. 

Cromartie, appearing on Fox Sports 1's "First Fake" "Second Take" "Undisputed" on Monday morning, interjected some surprising nuance into what was already a played-out discussion just over 12 hours after Revis' first tweet. 

"He's doing exactly what he's being coached to do," Cromartie said of Sherman. "And I think everybody need to realize that we don't have to sit here and argue over who is the best corner -- who cares anymore? If the man is out there doing his job every single day, week in and week out, that's all that should matter."

Fatigue with a fatiguing topic doesn't keep the bright studio lights on, however, so Skip Bayless interjected that traveling with a particular receiver is "much harder" than how Sherman is used in the 49ers' defensive scheme and that the All-Pro cornerback isn't "capable" of shadowing a receiver. 

If you feel like you've heard this all before, it's probably because you have. Sherman bristled at the characterization that he simply is a zone cornerback just over a week ago, delivering an impassioned defense of his abilities after intercepting Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins in the 49ers' divisional-round win.

He ripped the idea that he is a "system corner" and Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey -- who, according to Sherman, played in the same system with the Jacksonville Jaguars -- is not. 

“People want to hate me," Sherman said. "Because people want to treat me like a villain. They want me to fail. So, they don’t ever want to let me get what I’m supposed to get. It’s frustrating, but I’m about to talk about it in this press conference.”

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Perhaps Revis missed Sherman's post-game press conference nine days ago, but his Twitter take had all the hallmarks of a retired player doing their best Uncle Rico impression by remembering their golden days. It's a tale as old as time, just barely pre-dating the tale of overlong morning debate shows using Revis' equivalent of saying he could once throw a pigskin a quarter-mile as a launching point for a way-too-serious discussion on something so insignificant. 

With just under two weeks before the 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs actually play one another in Super Bowl LIV, this almost certainly is not the last time we'll see some variant of Is Richard Sherman Elite. If any ex-players interject further, one can only hope they're as reasonable as Cromartie. 

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