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Warriors star Steph Curry shares his favorite Stephen Jackson story

Warriors star Steph Curry shares his favorite Stephen Jackson story

The Warriors drafted Steph Curry in June 2009, and traded Stephen Jackson a couple weeks into the 2009-10 season.

So the two were not teammates for very long, but it was long enough to create some memories.

And on the most recent episode of Showtime's "All the Smoke" with Jackson and Matt Barnes, Curry shared his favorite "Stack Jack" story:

"This was probably like two weeks before you got traded -- we were on a road trip in Indiana, and like seven of us went to a steakhouse right down the street from the hotel.

"The day before, somebody had started rumblings about your trade rumors and (how) you were unhappy and (how) people in the locker room were unhappy -- media taking over, doing what they do.

"And I remember sitting at the dinner table, and you called up this reporter and cussed him out so bad for writing some untruthful article (laughing). And I'm sitting there, like (laughing) "This how we do it! OK. This how we do it!' I was crying (laughing).

"I was crying. That just told me when he knows what he knows and he's passionate about something, he's gonna let you know."

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The visual of Jackson cussing out a reporter in the middle of a restaurant is just fantastic, and very on-brand.

"Stack Jack" stories never get old.

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Minor league catcher Tyler Heineman says he has signed with Giants

Minor league catcher Tyler Heineman says he has signed with Giants

The big names get all the attention this time of year, but front offices also are busy filling minor holes on their organization's depth chart, and it seems the Giants did so recently with the addition of a minor league catcher. 

Tyler Heineman, a 28-year-old catcher, announced that he signed a deal with the club. Heineman has played eight professional seasons and had a five-game cup of coffee with the Miami Marlins last season. 

Minor league additions in January generally don't move the needle much, but Heineman actually could be an interesting name to watch in spring training. The Giants expect top prospect Joey Bart to make his big league debut sometime this summer, but after Stephen Vogt signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks, team officials indicated that adding another veteran catcher was not a priority. Aramis Garcia is the incumbent and the favorite to back up Buster Posey, but Heineman brings an intriguing profile. 

First and foremost, Heineman is the rare switch-hitting catcher, and he had more success from the left side last season, which could give him a leg up in the competition to replace Vogt, who also was a left-handed hitter. Heineman had a 1.061 OPS against right-handed pitchers in Triple-A last season.

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Heineman had a .990 OPS in Triple-A for the Diamondbacks and Marlins, with 13 homers and just 35 strikeouts in 273 plate appearances. The Giants have been looking for catching depth, not just behind Posey, but at the Triple-A level. The plan is to start Bart in Triple-A, and they need a more experienced catcher to pair with him. 

Why Dwyane Wade, Matt Barnes think Warriors' down year is bad for NBA

Why Dwyane Wade, Matt Barnes think Warriors' down year is bad for NBA

It has been a season to forget for the Warriors.

After undergoing a roster shuffle in the offseason, the Warriors entered the season with high hopes they still could contend for a playoff spot and perhaps the NBA title if they could get Klay Thompson back for the playoffs.

Unfortunately for them, Steph Curry broke his hand four games into the season and the Dubs plummeted to the bottom of the NBA. Now 5-24, the Warriors are looking at a year at the bottom, one the rest of the NBA surely will enjoy. 

In the long run, though, a year as a bottom feeder won't be bad for the Dubs, according to Dwyane Wade and former Warriors Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. 

"I love Steph man," Wade told Barnes and Jackson on "All The Smoke." "One of the greatest human beings that you will ever meet. He definitely helped change the wave and culture of this game and it don't stop for him. Like if he was playing right now ... it would have been a show."

That show will continue next season.

"People don't understand, this is a bad thing for the NBA," Jackson said. "They are getting some rest and everybody is going to come back. Oh lord!"

"Klay and Steph get to rest," Barnes interjected. "Draymond is playing 20 minutes a game. If they end up being a bottom-feeder, D-Lo is still doing is thing. Unfortunately, he might be a casualty, but then you package that get a superstar and they are right back in the mix."

Sorry about it, rest of the NBA.

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Enjoy kicking the Warriors while they are down. It will be short-lived.