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Steve Kerr praises NBA over Warriors 2018-19 schedule

Steve Kerr praises NBA over Warriors 2018-19 schedule

It's not often that the NBA receives praise in the days after the regular season schedule is released.

But Warriors head coach Steve Kerr believes the league is listening to teams regarding making improvements to the travel and reducing schedule congestion. The Warriors only have 13 back-to-back sets this season, a reduction from 14 last season. The NBA also made an effort this season to schedule a team to play teams in the same city on one road trip. Unlike last season when the Warriors had to make two trips to New York to play the Knicks and the Nets, this year, they will play both teams on a late October trip.

Additionally, the Warriors will stay in Los Angeles for four days in January to play the Clippers and Lakers, though the off-days in LA may pose a different problem for Kerr and the coaching staff.

"That could go either way, right?" Kerr said to Bob Fitzgerald on KNBR 680 on Friday.

During the last few seasons, when the Warriors have had an off-day in Los Angeles prior to a game against the Clippers or Lakers, they've come out flat. On the upcoming January trip, they will play the Clippers on Friday, Jan. 18 and the Lakers on Monday, Jan. 21. That means the players will have two days off in The City of Angels.

Is Kerr considering making the team fly back to the Bay Area after the Clippers game in order to avoid the distractions that come with the nightlife in Los Angeles?

"We may have to hold that over their heads," Kerr said with a laugh.

Then Kerr got serious and offered praise for the NBA schedule makers.

"I like that too. Remember two years ago, we were No. 1 in the league in terms of miles traveled? I believe this schedule has us right in the middle at like 15th, which, given that we're in the Western Conference, I mean, I would guess that all the Western Conference teams are in the Top 15 just on basic geometry. So I think the league has done a really good job of listening to teams doing things like you just said, playing a couple games in a city and staying there instead of playing hopscotch all over the place," Kerr said.

Here's a deeper look at the Warriors' 2018-19 schedule.

Steve Kerr: 'My wife is not real thrilled' about one part of Warriors 2018-19 schedule

Steve Kerr: 'My wife is not real thrilled' about one part of Warriors 2018-19 schedule

Over the last few seasons, as the NBA puts together the regular season schedules, they've attempted to reduce each team's total travel miles.

Last season, the Warriors had to make two trips to New York in order to play the the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. On Nov. 19, as part of an East Coast swing, the Warriors played the Knicks at MSG. But they didn't check off Brooklyn on that trip. Instead, the NBA made the Warriors travel to Brooklyn for a Feb. 26 matchup.

For the upcoming 2018-19 season, the NBA has fixed that issue. At the end of the first month of the season, the Warriors leave Oakland and head to New York to face the Knicks on Oct. 26. Two days later, they face the Nets in Brooklyn.

Head coach Steve Kerr likes the new schedule. His wife, Margot, does not. Kerr explained in an interview with Bob Fitzgerald on KNBR 680 on Friday.

"I think it's a good thing. My wife is not real thrilled. She's from New York and she wanted two separate trips to New York," Kerr said jokingly. "You know, we're not too concerned with Margot. We're more concerned with Steph and KD."

The New York-Brooklyn trip this season is a three-game East Coast trip that wraps up on Monday, Oct. 29 in Chicago.

Check out an up-close look at the Warriors' 2018-19 schedule, courtesy of Monte Poole.

LeBron to Lakers create any doubt for Warriors? Kerr 'not going to give that any thought'


LeBron to Lakers create any doubt for Warriors? Kerr 'not going to give that any thought'

Steve Kerr and the Warriors beat LeBron James in three of the last four NBA Finals.

Steve Kerr just signed a lucrative contract extension.

Steve Kerr has been on an overseas vacation (and still may be abroad).

Steve Kerr has no reason to fear the 2018-19 Los Angeles Lakers.

ESPN's Dave McMenamin and Ohm Youngmisuk solicited a reaction to LeBron signing in LA from more than two dozen people around the NBA.

An excerpt:

Does James' new home give the Dubs any reason to doubt?

"I am not going to give that any thought because I got my own team to worry about," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said.

He might be the only person in the league not thinking about James, as the city of Cleveland, legions of Lakers fans and others around the sport continue to reel from the latest career move by the King.

Kerr's probably thinking about creative ways to motivate the Warriors during the regular season...

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