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NFL rumors: Russell Wilson 'would love' Seahawks to sign Antonio Brown

NFL rumors: Russell Wilson 'would love' Seahawks to sign Antonio Brown

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.

But what about a fourth or fifth time?

It appears Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wants to find out. Controversial receiver Antonio Brown wore out his welcome with quite a few teams in rather short order, but according to 710 ESPN Seattle's John Clayton, Wilson isn't deterred by any of that.

"It’s pretty clear the Seahawks want to run the ball even more this year,” Clayton wrote Friday. “They have loaded up at tight end and tried to stay big along the offensive line. But it’s not out of the question for the Seahawks to add another wide receiver. According to sources, Wilson would love to add Antonio Brown. Brown is also close with backup QB Geno Smith, whose one-year contract with the Seahawks was finalized Wednesday."

There's no denying Brown's talent, but why Wilson would expect him to act any differently in Seattle than he did during his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders is anyone's guess. At no point since the Steelers decided he wasn't worth the headache has Brown proven himself capable of fitting into an NFL locker room. He has clashed with coaches and players on the field, and gotten into plenty of trouble off of it as well.

As Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio explained, even if the Seahawks were to sign Brown, there's no guarantee he would ever be able to play for them.

"Of course, Brown can’t play for anyone until a trio of pending Personal Conduct Policy investigations have concluded," Florio wrote. "From last September’s lawsuit alleging sexual assault and rape to alleged harassment of another female who made claims against him to SI.com to an incident with a moving-truck driver that resulted in an arrest and multiple charges, Brown could be facing a significant suspension before he’s permitted to play again."

Given Brown's reputation, combined with the presence of Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf, it really doesn't seem like he would be worth the trouble for Seattle. Of course, it's possible Wilson views himself as the right leader to get the most out of Brown. Then again, we've heard that before.

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It's a flashy name and, yeah, Brown and Wilson theoretically could work wonders together. But he is far more likely to do more damage than good, and for that reason, the 49ers and the rest of the NFC West shouldn't be worried one bit.

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NFL rumors: 49ers played key role in Tyler Lockett's injury recovery


NFL rumors: 49ers played key role in Tyler Lockett's injury recovery

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett returned to the field Sunday, reportedly thanks in part to the 49ers. 

Lockett was hospitalized in the Bay Area after seriously bruising his shin in the Seahawks' "Monday Night Football" win over the 49ers on Nov. 11. San Francisco gave Lockett a "Game Ready" device -- which "offers hot and cold compression therapy systems for acute and chronic injury recovery," according to its website -- after the hospital did not have one, NFL Media's Ian Rapoport reported Sunday, citing sources. 

"Had San Francisco not stepped in, it's unclear if Lockett would have been able to be back on the field so quickly," Rapoport wrote. 

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The 49ers didn't deliberate much about stepping in, according to Rapaport. A team source told him that the 49ers "have a lot of respect" for Lockett, who has scored more touchdowns (four) against San Francisco than all but one NFL team. 

Lockett will have a chance to thank the 49ers for their reported role in his recovery later this season. The 49ers and Seahawks conclude the regular season in Seattle on Dec. 29. 

Jimmy Garoppolo, Russell Wilson prepared for 49ers-Seahawks 'dogfight'

Jimmy Garoppolo, Russell Wilson prepared for 49ers-Seahawks 'dogfight'

All eyes will be on Santa Clara on Monday night when the Seahawks visit Levi's Stadium to face the undefeated 49ers. 

At 8-0, Kyle Shanahan's team has rolled over just about everyone in their path to this point, but their NFC West rival poses their stiffest challenge to date. 

The long-time bullies of the NFC West, Seattle enters the "Monday Night Football" clash at 7-2, buoyed by the MVP-level play of quarterback Russell Wilson and powerful running game.

A win Monday night would put the 49ers on the fast track to winning the division and locking up the No. 1 seed in the NFC. A loss, however, would bring them back toward Seattle, with a treacherous second-half schedule still to come.

For the Seahawks, they enter the game against their division rival no longer the team with a vaunted defense, looking to choke the life out of their opponent. That honor now belongs to the 49ers, who own the NFL's second-best scoring defense led by a powerful defensive line and former Seahawks star Richard Sherman. 

Coming into the biggest game of his 49ers career to date, 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo is ready for what he knows will be the ultimate battle.

"It's a great opportunity for us," Garoppolo told ESPN's Steve Young on an interview to air on "Monday Night Countdown." "We've had a couple division games this year. Division games are always going to be tough and we know that. It's going to be a dogfight out there on Monday night but we're looking forward to it."

After opening the season 8-0, the 49ers have every right to feel like one of the favorites to head to Miami and play for the Super Bowl. They've been dominant in almost every aspect of the game, with each position group starring at times. The undefeated record, though, hasn't changed the 49ers' locker room.

"It's not that different," Garoppolo told Young about the feeling around the 8-0 Niners. "There's confidence. There's definitely a confidence, but we haven't been talking playoffs, we haven't been talking Super Bowl, all that stuff. One week at a time, and honestly, we've taken that mindset this entire season and it's worked out well for us."

Garoppolo enters the game as one of the biggest question marks surrounding the 49ers. He's thrown for 1,806 yards, 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions this season while completing 70.6 percent of his passes. The 49ers' defense has carried the day for most of the season, allowing Garoppolo to find his footing after missing last season with a torn ACL.

There are no question marks around Wilson, though. Deemed the MVP front-runner by many, the Seahawks star has been sensational this season, Following his five-touchdown performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Wilson now has thrown 22 touchdowns and only one interception.

The task of facing the NFL's lone undefeated team is one Wilson and the Seahawks are looking forward to, but they aren't focused on the bagel San Francisco still has in the loss column.

"I think for us, we've been preparing for moments like this, opportunities -- championship opportunities all season," Wilson told ESPN's Keyshawn Johnson. "Every game matters. Every practice matters. I think this is a great opportunity. They look great on film. They are playing great football. They are one of the best teams in the NFL. It's been interesting to watch how good they've been playing. It's going to be a battle.

"It's about our season, it's not about theirs necessarily," Wilson continued when asked if ruining an undefeated season means anything. "We got to continue what we're doing. We've been playing great football. The great thing is we can play even better. That's what we're looking forward to. it's about our season and what we're trying to do."

What Wilson and the Seahawks are trying to do is put a chink in the 49ers' armor. They'll look to establish the run early, using powerful back Chris Carson to pummel the 49ers' run defense, which has been mediocre this season. Getting Wilson into second- and third-and-manageable will keep San Francisco's front four from pinning their ears back and coming after Wilson.

Wilson's top target, Tyler Lockett, faces a crucial matchup against K'Waun Williams, who has been one of the best slot corners in the NFL this season. Will Wilson test Sherman on the outside with rookie receiver D.K. Metcalf or Josh Gordon? Can the 49ers defense keep him contained in the pocket and stop him from extending plays and creating big plays down the field?

For the 49ers, the addition of Emmanuel Sanders has taken the passing game from "break in case of emergency" to a bonafide threat. Garoppolo got the air attack going in Week 9 against the Cardinals, throwing for four touchdowns in the win. The Seahawks will look to bottle up Matt Breida, Tevin Coleman and the 49ers' running game Monday night and make Garoppolo beat them. Getting Sanders going in the slot early will open up the playbook for Shanahan and force the Seahawks to alter their gameplan.

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The 49ers are expected to be without star tight end George Kittle, who has been battling through knee and ankle injuries, while the Seahawks are expected to have newly-acquired wide receiver Josh Gordon on the field.

After being dormant for a few years, one of the NFL's best rivalries returns Monday night.

Dogfight. Battle.

Call it whatever you want, it promises to be a lot of fun.