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Watch A's legend Dennis Eckersley throw out first pitch to Kirk Gibson


Watch A's legend Dennis Eckersley throw out first pitch to Kirk Gibson

30 years after giving up one of the most iconic home runs in baseball history, it's fair to say former A's closer Dennis Eckersley doesn't have any hard feelings. 

Eckersley, wearing a white, No. 43 A's jersey, threw out the first pitch to Kirk Gibson ahead of Game 4 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium on Saturday. A hobbled Gibson famously hit a walk-off home run off of Eckersley to win Game 1 of the 1988 World Series for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Gibson, clad in his No. 23 Dodgers jersey, initially took the mound to throw out the first pitch. But, a late call to the bullpen allowed Eckersley to take his place. 

Gibson teased his and Eckerley's involvement in a tweet hours before first pitch. He shared a photo of a ball that appeared to bear the signatures of both players. 

Earlier Saturday, Gibson also shared a photo of him and Eckersley out at dinner the previous night, paying tribute to former A's prospect Max Muncy clubbing a walk-off in the 18th inning of Game 3. 

Eckersley still has good reason to root against Gibson, as he currently works as a Boston Red Sox analyst for NESN. The Red Sox, of course, are the Dodgers' opponent in the Fall Classic. 

But Eckersley seemingly bears no ill will towards his former foe. In addition to sitting in the stands with Gibson during Game 4 on Saturday, Eckersley tweeted congratulations to him on the 30th anniversary of the home run.

We have a feeling A's fans may not be as forgiving. 

Steph Curry stayed up all night to watch 18-inning World Series Game 3


Steph Curry stayed up all night to watch 18-inning World Series Game 3

Steph Curry dropped a quiet 29 points Friday night in the Warriors' 128-100 win over the Knicks. The game ended at 9:45 p.m. ET, giving him plenty of time to watch his favorite baseball team in the World Series. 

Curry is a die-hard Red Sox fan and he proved that Friday night and well into Saturday morning. As Game 3 of the World Series refused to end -- this is not an exaggeration -- Curry refused to go to sleep in the Big Apple.

The game ended at 3:30 a.m. ET and Steph was still wide awake.

In the end, Curry's Red Sox lost 3-2 to the Dodgers in 18 innings, but it sounds like Curry has a positive prediction for the Sox. 

"Red Sox in five, let's go. Good night everybody," Curry said before finally getting some sleep. 

Report: Red Sox think they caught Dodgers' Manny Machado stealing signs


Report: Red Sox think they caught Dodgers' Manny Machado stealing signs

As if Manny Machado hasn't been in the spotlight enough this postseason. 

The Red Sox believe they caught the Dodgers' shortstop stealing signs in Game 2 of the World Series during the fourth inning of Boston's 4-2 win over L.A.

"I wish I would have gone out there before the [Yasiel] Puig at-bat, before he came up in that situation, because I saw the whole thing," Dana LeVangie, Boston's pitching coach, told Bleacher Report on Wednesday. 

Puig hit a RBI single that at-bat with Machado at second base. David Freese and Machado led off the inning with singles off of Red Sox lefty David Price. 

While taking his lead at second base, Machado was seen giving multiple hand gestures. 

"Was it a little exaggerated? Yeah, maybe, but I saw the whole thing," LeVangie said to Bleacher Report of Machado's motions. "I had told [Boston manager] Alex [Cora] I wanted to go [to the mound] before the Puig at-bat because I wanted to talk about some things.

"But when a guy gets a big punchout in that situation and a coach comes out to take a visit...I didn't want to f--k with the momentum there because David got a huge strikeout."

Stealing signs has been a sore subject throughout the postseason. Here's the thing though -- there's nothing wrong with what Machado did. If Machado is simply picking up on the catcher's signs or tendencies from Price, this is just part of the game. It's not like a hired person from the Dodgers was seen relaying signs or taking pictures, like what happened earlier in the year with a person who claimed to be working for the Astros.

Sports are about finding advantages against your opponent and executing that the best way possible on the field. No, that doesn't mean using an outside source or technology, like the Red Sox did last season. Yes, it means studying the other team and exploiting weaknesses.

The Red Sox should know better. This is on them, not Machado or the Dodgers. Simply find a way to make your signs better and focus on winning Game 3 of the World Series Friday night to make Giants fans happy