49ers' George Kittle's WWE passion exemplifies his playful personality


49ers' George Kittle's WWE passion exemplifies his playful personality

The clip immediately went viral.

During WWE’s first event at Chase Center, tight end George Kittle, Jimmy Garoppolo, and a host of 49ers made an appearance for “Smackdown”.

Kittle and Garoppolo were sitting directly behind the broadcasters on camera and decided to show off one of his favorite talents -- chugging a full beer in a matter of a few seconds with his quarterback right next to him, cheering on his every gulp.

The self-described superfan also was embraced by some of his favorite wrestlers during the event.

“I wish I could have videotaped the Sundays for a pay per view and the Mondays and the Tuesdays when we were in college for three to four hours a night, sitting in the basement watching WWE,” Kittle’s wife Claire told NBC Sports Bay Area. “They would just be screaming at the TV, they’d have their wrestling shirts on, and we’d get a whole backstory.”

Kittle has never been shy about his love for the sport, even telling reporters after a 49ers game in Dec. 2018 that he needed to leave early so he could get to the WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view event in San Jose. 

“Well one Halloween, Emma and Bruce and Claire and George and I all dressed up as different WWE [performers],” Kittle’s mom Jan said. 

Entertainment is definitely something Kittle enjoys providing, as the tight end broke the NFL’s single-season receiving yards record for the position in 2018, catching 88 passes for 1,377 yards.

His performance on “WWE Smackdown” even earned Kittle a shoutout from a former NFL player turned WWE superstar.

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The entire country seems to have taken notice of what the 49ers have cooking, as the team is 5-0 and remains one of just two unbeaten teams in the NFL.

There’s no doubt that Kittle and his exuberant personality have been a huge part of that.

How The Rock's shoutout gave George Kittle clout with 49ers teammates

How The Rock's shoutout gave George Kittle clout with 49ers teammates

In addition to getting recognized by arguably the biggest box-office star alive, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Twitter shoutout might have given 49ers tight end George Kittle something cooler. 

Clout with his now-jealous teammates. 

"Most guys give me a hard time for being a big wrestling fan," Kittle told WWE.com at Tuesday night's "SmackDown Live" event at Chase Center in San Francisco. "But after that, I had a lot of guys like, 'Wow, I'm actually really jealous. Like, I wish he would have said something to me.' And I was like, 'Ha!'"

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After Kittle's spot-on impersonation of Johnson's WWE catchphrase went viral following the 49ers' Week 3 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, "The People's Champ" deemed Kittle "The People's Tight End." Kittle rocked a "Rock" shirt when he sat ringside with some 49ers teammates, but receiving a shoutout from one of his favorite wrestlers doesn't quite feel real. 

"I'm not sure if I'm still dreaming yet," Kittle said. "That was pretty cool. I've been a huge 'Rock' fan for most of my life, and the fact that I get a response -- I feel like a little kid again. It's pretty cool."

With the 49ers also 3-0 entering their bye week, it's a good time to be "The People's Tight End."

Watch George Kittle, 49ers go crazy at WWE SmackDown at Chase Center


Watch George Kittle, 49ers go crazy at WWE SmackDown at Chase Center

In case you haven't been paying attention, George Kittle is a huge wrestling fan.

The 49ers tight end invoked one of his favorite wrestlers, The Rock, following San Francisco's Week 3 win over the Steelers.

The following morning, he had to pinch himself after said wrestling hero responded to his impression.

Kittle is one of the more magnetic personalities in the 49ers locker room, and it appears some of his teammates have latched on to his passion -- or they just want to see Kittle in his true element -- as they joined Kittle at WWE SmackDown Live at Chase Center on Tuesday night. 

No, seriously -- his true element:

Yes, that's a 'The Rock' shirt that Kittle is wearing, while flanked by fellow teammates Jimmy Garoppolo, Garret Celek, Trent Taylor and Dante Pettis.

Garoppolo stuck with the "Jimmy GQ" look. Surprise, surprise.

He and his favorite target made sure to enjoy an alcoholic beverage together.

Meanwhile, Pettis appeared to be in great spirits. That tends to happen when you make the game-winning touchdown catch.

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Celek and Taylor have yet to appear in a game this season while recovering from offseason surgeries, but clearly, they're not missing out on the team-building exercises.

Safe to say, the 49ers are feeling good at 3-0.