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Why Duane Kuiper is 'disappointed' the Dodgers traded Yasiel Puig

Why Duane Kuiper is 'disappointed' the Dodgers traded Yasiel Puig

If you took a poll of Giants fans, most would say they are thrilled the Dodgers traded right fielder Yasiel Puig.

But Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper wouldn't agree.

"In some ways, I’m disappointed Puig is out of the division because we did like the drama, the Bumgarner-Puig stuff," Kuiper said on KNBR 680 on Wednesday. "It’s just only natural to dislike, in a sports sense, players and teams and it builds and it kind of grinds the rivalry into what we like and now that’s gone."

Kuip does have a point. Fewer chances for kerfuffles between Bumgarner and Puig is a loss for all fans. But removing Puig's energy and swagger from the Dodgers should help the Giants.

The Dodgers traded Puig to Cincinnati as part of mega deal on Dec. 21. Los Angeles also sent outfielder Matt Kemp, starting pitcher Alex Wood and infielder Kyle Farmer to the Reds. The Dodgers acquired starting pitcher Homer Bailey and prospects Jeter Downs and Josiah Gray. LA later released Bailey as part of the deal.

Kuip is looking forward to seeing Puig come to AT&T Park as a member of the Reds, and he won't have to wait long. After the Giants go to Cincinnati for a four-game series May 3-6, the Reds come to San Francisco a few days later for a three-game series May 10-12.

"It’ll be interesting when he comes in for three days with the Reds," Kuip said.

Giants to see less of Yasiel Puig after blockbuster Reds-Dodgers trade

Giants to see less of Yasiel Puig after blockbuster Reds-Dodgers trade

So, there was a trade -- a big trade. And it sent Yasiel Puig out of the NL West.

According to multiple national reports, the Cincinnati Reds acquired the outfielder, left-hander Alex Wood, outfielder Matt Kemp, infielder Kyle Farmer and cash from the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for pitcher Homer Bailey and minor league infielder Jeter Downs and pitcher Josiah Gray.

The Dodgers are releasing Bailey, but the trade lets the Giants see less of Puig -- and gives us an excuse to bring up the brawl.

You remember it -- Nick Hundley's shove of Puig that set off a bench-clearing altercation between the Giants and the Dodgers in August.

Good times.

With Puig leaving the division, this will cut down the time the two will meet. And by the two I mean the Giants against Yasiel Puig -- he appears to be such a thorn in their side.

In 2014 alone, he slashed a .313/.387/.612 with a few home runs in 17 games. Those numbers definitely dwindled over the years, but even last season when his batting average was a minute .183, he made up for it with the tumultuous outing that caused Hunter Pence to use all of his strength to hold back the-then Giants catcher. 

But at AT&T Park, Puig somehow manages to find a way to dominate. 

In 162 at-bats in San Francisco, he boasts a .290 average and a .798 OPS with three homers thrown in there. That's not easy to do in a park like that.

So, Giants fans now can breathe a sigh of relief that they don't have to stress seeing Puig's productive bat or worry about booing him when he approaches the plate.

But ...

Puig still will be in town a few times this season, so it's not a goodbye, it's a see you soon.

Would Giants ever trade for Yasiel Puig? 'Hell no,' Mike Krukow says

Would Giants ever trade for Yasiel Puig? 'Hell no,' Mike Krukow says

The Giants are in search of outfielders this offseason. The Dodgers have a surplus of outfielders and could look to trade one.

So, could Yasiel Puig be on the move from Los Angeles to San Francisco? The case was made Tuesday for why the Giants should pursue a potential trade.

On Tuesday afternoon, NBC Sports Bay Area caught up with Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow to get his thoughts on all things Puig.

"If Puig came in and had a good year, I think he would definitely win the hearts of the Bay Area," Krukow said during a phone interview. "It would be wonderful to see the Giants win a division and have one of the major contributors be Puig and beat the Dodgers on the last day. I could sit here and paint a scenario for you that would be quite golden. But bottom line, do I think it will ever happen? Hell no."

The chances of the bitter NL West rivals making the trade are slim, but with former Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi running the show in San Francisco, anything is possible.

Even though Krukow doesn't believe a trade will go down, if it were to occur, he'd want to see it happen soon.

"I think if it ever indeed happens, I hope it happens during the tenure of Madison Bumgarner," Krukow said. "And they could locker next to each other. I think that would be fitting."

Bumgarner and Puig have had a long history of heated kerfuffles. The Giants ace doesn't like it when Puig shows emotion on the field. But Krukow believes the two could co-exist if forced to be teammates.

"It happens when you are in this game long enough. You're going to play with a guy you didn't necessarily like when you played against him," Krukow said. "But one thing that Madison Bumgarner likes is guys that win, guys that prepare, guys that come and play hard. And if this guy came in and showed those tendencies and played hard, I don't think anyone in that clubhouse would have a problem with him.

"Bottom line is, if he helps you win, and you win, you're going to love him."

Following the 2017 season, after Puig hit a career-high 28 home runs, Krukow had this to say about Puig on the Giants.

"I'd have said I don't want him to come near the Giants organization," Krukow told KNBR 680. "But I think now I'd love to have him in the organization because of what we saw last year."

The Giants want to win badly. They want to get back to their championship ways. They want to dethrone the Dodgers from their six-year perch atop the NL West. Should they look into Puig? As Zaidi said during his introductory press conference in relation to a possible Bumgarner trade, "everything has to be on the table in terms of how we move this team and roster forward.”

So, Giants fans, maybe that means Puig in Orange and Black.