2011 NBA re-draft: Where Klay Thompson, others land if picks made now


There never has been an NBA Draft that when examined later would have followed the same order. In fact, the draft is more of a crapshoot than an exact science.

With a little extra time before the 2019-20 season returns, we are going to look back at a handful of recent drafts and reset the top 15 picks with a large sample size of statistics to work with.

This isn’t an easy experiment and the results are subjective. Is Klay Thompson or Jimmy Butler a better player? How much weight should be given to winning? How much does being a distraction hurt your stock in a re-draft?

We’ve already hit the 2009 NBA Draft and Stephen Curry came out on top. How does his backcourt mate fare in the latest breakdown of the storied 2011 NBA Draft?