The Warriors beat the Blazers by 23 points on Tuesday night.

After the win, Draymond Green shared his thoughts on the team's defensive performance.

"It was a complete team effort," Draymond explained. "Everybody was swarming around, getting deflections, cutting off the lane to the rim. We did a lot of things well and I think it was all based on everybody just really flying around and helping each other.

"That was great for us to really come out and put that kind of game together on the defensive end, especially when our defense has been called out -- that there's no anchor and it's not the same and all that -- I think some opinions will change sooner than later. But until then, we'll just keep doing that. And when they change, we'll keep doing that still. It was fun to do that."

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After Portland's shootaround on Tuesday, Damian Lillard said the following about Golden State's defense:

“It’s not the same," Lillard declared. “They are a great offensive team and I think they will still be a good defensive team, but it’s different than when (Andrew) Bogut is not back there. It’s just not the same."


Lillard scored 22 points in the first half as the Warriors took a 59-53 lead into the locker room.

In the third quarter, Golden State held Portland to 20 points on 30 percent shooting and led by 27 entering the final frame.

Lillard, who shot 2-for-8 in the second half, fueled Draymond with his comments.

"I love when people say stuff like that," Draymond said. "I take it personal, so I appreciate it. It really got me going on that end tonight. And I felt amazing out there, and I think our defense was amazing.

"So yeah I love when people say stuff like that. Continue to do it."