The Warriors are represented by three players -- Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green -- at the 2016 All-Star Game in Toronto. And, the reigning NBA champions have been the talk of the town north of the border. 

While Golden State looks to repeat with another NBA title, they are also chasing the 1995-96 Bulls and their 72-10 regular-season record. 

Through 52 games, the Warriors own a 48-4 record, the best in NBA history. Currently, they're on pace to break the Bulls' 20-year record. 

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So, how have they been so successful one year after winning their first title in 40 years?

Several NBA All-Stars weighed in after practice in Toronto Saturday on what makes them so difficult to beat and if they can actually end the season with the greatest record of all-time.

LeBron James

"Consistency and no complacency. I think they've used last year to take them to another height.

"With Steph and Draymond and Klay, they spearhead the whole thing, but everyone falls into place. From Iggy to Barbosa to Barnes to Bogut, all the way down, those guys fall into place and know their role."

On beating the 72-10 Bulls record: "It is possible. Records are meant to be broken, so it is possible."

John Wall


"Their second unit can kill you and their first definitely can. It's a team that just plays freely and with so much flow."

On beating the 72-10 Bulls record: "It's all up to them, they have a great chance at doin' it, but it's easier said than done."

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Dwyane Wade

"They've been more consistent than I've ever seen, than we've ever seen since the 72-10 Bulls team. You look at them play and it looks like they all enjoy playing together, they don't really care who gets the shine, and you need that.

"When we played them, I told Iguodala 'Man, enjoy this, you know, and don't take it for granted.' ...I miss having the teams that we had when had them. I miss winnin' 27 games in a row. When you have the juice like they have right now, enjoy it." 

On beating the 72-10 Bulls record: "I think it's tough to compare generations, it's unfair, but it's what people do.

"Golden State right now in this era is a dominant team, but you can't compare them until it's all said and done. You can't compare Golden State as they're in the middle of their journey." 

Chris Bosh

"They're continuing to raise the bar and are exceeding expectations. It's like we expect them to win by 20 or 15 points. ...You can tell how confident they are playing at a high level."