Iguodala has perfect reaction to Steph's 3-point contest win


Andre Iguodala is quite familiar with Steph Curry's brilliance as a 3-point shooter, and after his former Warriors teammate won the 3-point contest at NBA All-Star Weekend on Sunday, Iguodala believes Steph should get additional compensation if he competes in future events.

Steph's shots barely made contact with the rim they were going down so smoothly.

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The victory was Steph's second of his career, but when TNT's Allie LaForce referenced his record in past events, Iguodala jokingly called her out.

Iguodala and Steph became tight over their time with the Warriors, and as you can see from the forward's profile picture on Twitter and his consistent support of Curry, they remain close friends.

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