Iguodala recalls Steph's epic smack talk in 2013 playoffs


Steph Curry is one of the greatest competitors in the game of basketball. As good as his play is on the court, his smack talk deserves some praise as well. 

Curry is one of the less obvious trash talkers in the game, as he usually goes about his business without getting in anyone's face. But when he does decide to let an opposing player or team have it, it's quick and effective. 

Former Warrior Andre Iguodala was a teammate of Steph's for six years. Before the two were teammates, Iguodala experienced Curry's trash talk first-hand as a member of the Denver Nuggets.

Matched up against Steph's Warriors in the 2013 playoffs, Iguodala recalls a moment where Curry silenced Denver's bench with a three-point shot and two simple words.

"He lets the ball go and turns around and tells them to shut up," Iguodala said on JJ Reddick's The Old Man and the Three Podcast. "The ball is in, like, midair, it's not even close to the rim, and the whole team went like [quiet]. This is the opposing team, like, 'Yo, I've never seen that before during a game."

Here's a look at the iconic shot - one of his first "look-away" 3-pointers.

Steph's confidence is one of the reasons why he has established himself as the greatest shooter of all time. 

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"He has that competitive edge where he wants to prove to everybody like, 'I'm that dude," Iguodala added. "But at this point, it's like, nobody can deny him that. Everybody knows who he is."

If you dare talk smack to Steph Curry, chances are you'll be left speechless one way or another. 

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