Iguodala shouts out Kellerman after end of 'First Take' run

Andre Iguodala

Max Kellerman's five-year run on ESPN's "First Take" came to an end Wednesday, and the longtime TV personality got a shout out from Warriors forward Andre Iguodala.

"Max, what's up? It's your boy here, man," Iguodala said in a video posted by Kellerman on his Instagram account. "Congratulations on five great years. To many more great years, and next endeavors, continued success. From one of your favorite fans, appreciate you supporting me, knowing who should take the last shot when the earth is on the line. So congrats and here's to the future."

The two will forever be linked after Kellerman made it clear Iguodala was the Warriors player he wanted taking the last shot with a game on the line.

After Iguodala hit the game-sealing 3-pointer in the Warriors' 109-104 win in Game 2 of the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors, Kellerman went on "First Take" the next morning and was asked if he would rather have the 2015 NBA Finals MVP or Steph Curry take the final shot.

"I want Iguodala," Kellerman said. "That's right. And I know what that sounds like. And it's not fair to Steph because so much defensive attention is paid to him. And I'm not saying Steph's not a better shooter -- he's a way better shooter.

"Iguodala's got ice water in his veins ... high-leverage moment -- fate of the universe on the line -- open shot ... I want Iguodala taking that shot for me."


Iguodala returned to the Warriors this summer, signing a one-year contract after spending the last two seasons with the Miami Heat.

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If the Warriors are locked in a close game this season, Kellerman very likely will be somewhere screaming "I want Iguodala" at the TV.

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