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Andre tells hilarious story of Steph not paying golf league debt

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Steph Curry

Andre Iguodala will always have Steph Curry's back, no matter what.

The 2015 NBA Finals MVP routinely comes to the defense of the Warriors star whenever Curry is faced with unwarranted criticism. And the two are so close that Iguodala will even pay Curry's debts when the two-time MVP forgets.

On the latest episode of the "Beyond The Fairway Podcast," Iguodala was asked about constantly losing to Curry in their fantasy golf league, and the-now Miami Heat forward responded with a pretty funny story about Curry not paying his league debt.

"OK, I don't talk trash about Steph," Iguodala told Will Lowery and Doug Smith. "Steph is one of the few humans where it's like I'm not a tough guy, I don't find, but if somebody was about to mess with Steph they gonna catch these hands. Steph is my guy. But I paid Steph's debt for where he placed last year in the fantasy league. Because Steph is in the fantasy league and most of the guys he doesn't know, but they are kind of like my guys that I know that got me into the league.

"So, he owed my guy like 50 bucks, man, and Steph didn't pay him," Iguodala said chuckling. "So, I paid Steph's debt, man. I couldn't believe it. I'm like, 'Steph, come on man, you can't give this man his 50 bucks?'"

Come on, Steph.

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As for this year's fantasy golf league, Iguodala revealed he would be picking Rory McIlroy as one of his two selections for this week's PGA Championship at The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island.

No word yet on who Curry will pick or if Iguodala will have to pick up his tab again when the season ends.

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