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Andre Iguodala doesn't always enjoy talking to the media. Andre Iguodala doesn't always do podcasts, but when he does... it leads to some great content.

The 2015 Finals MVP was recently a guest on the Christopher Lochhead Podcast, and this is how the conversation began:

Iguodala: "It's good to be here, thanks for having me, nice watch by the way."

Lochhead: Thank you. Are you a Panerai guy or a watch guy?"

Iguodala: "I'm a little bit of a watch guy. I have a nice Panerai."

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Lochhead: "I got my first one of those in I want to say 1997. There weren't very many of them around, now they've gotten pretty popular."

Iguodala: "Yes, yes. My first timepiece was a Panerai. Unfortunately, I got robbed ... it was in the Garden. Madison Square Garden ... I came back from the game, game's over and I go take a shower and I saw it in my shoe ... media was in there, a bunch of people. I went to take a shower and came back and it was gone. It was a limited edition piece so I couldn't find it again. I got the insurance money, (but) I couldn't find the watch again.


Lochhead: "Did you contact the Panerai guys and say, 'Hey, I'm Andre. Can you hook me up?"

Iguodala: "The Andre that I am now, I wasn't that Andre then. So it wouldn't have worked."

Iguodala did not specify when the robbery occured, but I'm guessing it was when he played for the 76ers.

First follow-up question to Iguodala: Did you lock all of the locker room doors and demand answers from everybody?

Second question: How long was your shower?

Final question: Which member of the media do you think is walking around wearing your watch? 

No further questions, your honor.

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