For the first time in about three years, Andrew Bogut met with various members of the media that cover the Warriors.

Prior to Golden State's game on Monday night against the Spurs, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2005 draft delivered some funny soundbites in San Antonio.

When asked how much better he feels physically now compared to a year ago when he played for Lakers:

"I think the weight loss is due to having two kids and stress -- not getting much sleep and not eating your regimented meals when you're supposed to eat them because you got to get them sorted out first," Bogut jokingly said (or was he kidding?) "It was great for my body -- we play one or two games a week, usually on the weekends. One or two road trips a month, max.

"So it's a bit different to what we go through here. I think my body's thankful for it. So I feel great and hopefully I can have a good finish to the season."

But wait -- I thought you get a "dad body" when you have kids?

Furthermore, Bogut commented on how he's being thrown into the fire on Monday night, as he is starting in place of the banged up DeMarcus Cousins.

"I just gotta try to figure it out on the fly ... a lot of the stuff is the same, but there are some new things," he said. "Hopefully the guys -- especially Draymond -- don't get too mad at me if I'm in the wrong spot (smiling). 


"But we'll get it figured out."

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