Andrew Bogut 'kind of blown away' by how Warriors recruited him to return

Andrew Bogut 'kind of blown away' by how Warriors recruited him to return

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Andrew Bogut put pen to paper Wednesday. He’s officially a member of the Golden State Warriors again.

Although things escalated quickly in the last couple of days, the process of bringing the Aussie big man back to the Bay Area began months ago.

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2005 draft thought his NBA career was over. But then the two-time defending champions came calling.

Marc Stein of The New York Times has the details:

The Warriors began lobbying Bogut to rejoin them in December and made it to March with a roster opening for the 7-foot center, who wasn’t available to be signed until the Kings’ season ended last weekend.

“I was kind of blown away,” Bogut said in a telephone interview from Australia. “This wasn’t a situation where I threw my hat in the ring to try to get signed in the NBA. I wouldn’t do that.

“To come back to the NBA, for me, was basically Golden State or nothing. But the fact it was Golden State — it was the kind of opportunity that I would be kicking myself if I didn’t take.”

If you recall, Damian Jones' season ended when he tore his pectoral muscle during the Warriors' Dec. 1 loss at Detroit. So, it makes sense that Golden State connected with Bogut at some point shortly thereafter.

It's been widely reported that the Warriors had Robin Lopez at the top of their wish list. But once he and the Bulls failed to reach terms on a buyout, "Golden State intensified its pursuit of Bogut as soon as the (Sydney) Kings were eliminated from the N.B.L. playoffs," Stein wrote.

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Considering the fact that Bogut held a press conference in Sydney on Wednesday (technically Thursday in Australia), it seems unlikely that he will play Friday night against the Nuggets in Oakland.

Perhaps his debut will be Sunday against the Suns? We will see if Warriors coach Steve Kerr provides an update after practice Thursday.

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Warriors star Steph Curry has fun playing pick-up basketball with kids

Warriors star Steph Curry has fun playing pick-up basketball with kids

They say in order to be the best, you must compete against the best.

If you go by that logic, the kids you're about to see may have a bright future -- they're competing against Steph Curry.

Recent footage surfaced of a few kids playing a pickup game with the Warriors star, and these kids could hang:

During the pick-up game, you can hear Steph chatting it up like it's an NBA game, saying "I got your help" and celebrating after a 3-pointer.

He didn't take it lightly on the young ones.

Curry, of course, showed off some of his masterful shooting, ball-handling and footwork during the scrimmage.

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Imagine being one of the kids who could add that to their résumés before even reaching high school.

Ex-Warriors Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala chime in on double-team debate

Ex-Warriors Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala chime in on double-team debate

We're talking about pick-up.

Not a game. Not a game. Not a game. We're talking about pick-up.

Ah, yes, the doldrums of the NBA offseason. We have officially arrived. You can tell because the NBA world's focus has drifted to a rather ridiculous topic over the last 24 hours.

It all started when video surfaced of Suns guard Devin Booker getting visibly frustrated as a result of being double-teamed in a pick-up game featuring several other NBA players, including Ben Simmons, Joakim Noah and Trey Lyles.

"Hey bro, we're not doubling in open gym," Booker can be heard saying. "I see that s--t all season. Come on, man. Let's work on our games."

"Yeah, we are," Noah retorted. "It's part of the game." 

On Wednesday morning, Hawks guard Trae Young voiced his thoughts on the subject, aligning himself with his pal Booker.

Young's thoughts have since made the rounds, with numerous former and current NBA scouts and players chiming in. Ex-Warriors star Kevin Durant couldn't resist.

Apparently, this isn't the first time Durant has expressed such feelings. Two of his now-former teammates got under his skin doubling him in a practice (warning: NSFW language).

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It's a bit ironic that Iguodala mentioned it being right after the All-Star break, as Twitter detectives have tracked down visual evidence of Durant himself participating in a double-team against Steph Curry in what technically was an exhibition -- the NBA All-Star game.

Durant responded to that tweet, pointing out how that double-team was drawn up by coaches, whereas there aren't typically any in your average pick-up game. That's a fair point, but here's the problem with his reasoning: Bonafide NBA players like Simmons, Noah and Lyles don't need a coach to tell them when, who or how to double-team.

If Booker wants to work on his offensive game in open gym, others should be allowed to work on their defensive game, too, right? And, frankly, wouldn't Booker benefit more in the long run from working on his game against the same kind of defense he actually faces?

If you want to work on your NBA game, then don't be surprised when you encounter NBA defense. Anything else is simply batting practice.