Bogut reveals Steph checks social media slander after bad half

Steph Curry, Draymond Green

If you've ever dissed Steph Curry on Twitter, then you're partially responsible for the explosion that likely followed.

While most NBA players ignore their social media mentions, the Warriors superstar apparently uses them as fuel to break out of a funk.

"Steph's one of the elite as far as preparing for games. He's one of the unique ones. He'll check his mentions at halftime when he has a bad half," Andrew Bogut said on the latest episode of the "Rogues Bogues" podcast. "It was probably the craziest s--t I ever saw, you know. When I came into the league, phones were kind of frowned upon in the locker room and now it's a f-----g s--t show.

"Yeah, Steph would go on social media. If he had a bad half, he would go on social media and come out and drop 30."

Now James Harden has a new excuse for losing to the Warriors in the 2019 Western Conference semifinals after Kevin Durant went out with an injury. All the Curry slander at halftime of Game 6 undoubtedly helped cause Curry to go thermonuclear and score all 33 of his points in the second half to eliminate the Rockets.

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Curry often is the target of unwarranted criticism. People without eyes have forgotten the show he put on to win the Warriors their first title, disregarded the 50-40-90 season that saw him become the league's only unanimous MVP and ignored the sacrifices he made to bring Durant into the fold. Whenever Curry has a minor cold streak, it's open season on him on any and all social media platforms.


Curry hears all the doubts and apparently reads all the online slander to take his game to new heights. Next time Curry has bad half and then comes out white-hot, make sure to check Twitter to see if you can pinpoint which 280-character blips sealed the opponent's fate.

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