Wiggins' 3-point shooting splits this season don't make sense

Andrew Wiggins Warriors yellow shot

The overwhelming majority of basketball players -- at all levels of the sport -- make more shots on catch-and-shoot attempts compared to off-the-dribble attempts.

It's a scientific fact.

Strangely enough, that isn't how things have played out for Andrew Wiggins this season.

Here are his 3-point splits through 36 games:

  • Catch and shoot: 33.6 percent (40-for-119)
  • Off the dribble: 40 percent (22-for-55)

It isn't supposed to be like this.

When Wiggins shot a career-high 35.6 percent from deep in 2016-17, here were his splits:

  • Catch and shoot: 40.1 percent (71-for-177)
  • Off the dribble: 29.2 percent (31-for-106)

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And the following year:

  • Catch and shoot: 34.9 percent (90-for-258)
  • Off the dribble: 26 percent (20-for-77)

And in 2018-19:

  • Catch and shoot: 36.4 percent (90-for-247)
  • Off the dribble: 28.3 percent (28-for-99)

But for whatever reason, the normal trend started to shift last season:

  • Catch and shoot: 35.2 percent (68-for-193)
  • Off the dribble: 32 percent (41-for-128)

Weird stuff.

Wiggins' overall offensive efficiency has slipped the last 16 games, but Steve Kerr is confident that will change in the second half of the season.

"I think this just may be fatigue," he told the media Tuesday. "I think everybody is a little worn down right now. This is typical just before the All-Star break for guys to, maybe, wane a little bit and I think you'll see Andrew's play come back up pretty soon."

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