Any way to guard Steph? Personal trainer has awesome answer

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What Steph Curry is doing on the basketball court right now just doesn't seem real.

The only unanimous MVP in NBA history is averaging 40.0 points and 4.5 assists over the Warriors' last 11 games, while shooting 54.1 percent overall and 49.7 percent from beyond the arc (on 14.3 attempts).

"He’s seeing a lot of different coverages defensively," Brandon Payne, Curry's personal trainer, told True Hoop's Tom Haberstroh. "Doubles, top-locking -- I don’t think any of these coverages are having any success.

"He has many answers for everything now. He’s stronger, he’s able to initiate controllable contact around the rim now. He’s got an answer for everything. His ability to read the defense ...

"Everything he's thinking is so much faster than everybody else, the game is so much slower to him than everybody else."

So is there any way to defend him?

"There is. You hope he misses," Payne said. 

To quote the legendary broadcaster Mike Breen -- "Bang! Bang!"

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"I’m sure somebody will come up with something," Payne added. "But everything they’re putting in front of him, right now, he just has an answer."

Yes he does.

Finally, when Haberstroh said he believes Steph should attempt 20 3-pointers per game, Payne did not disagree.

"You’re not crazy. I say the same thing," Payne said. "I don’t know if that’s what Coach Kerr says! [laughs]. But ultimately, you and me, we’re not the ones that matter. I wish he would.


"But he’s still getting people involved. The real measure of greatness is do you elevate the play of the people around you? And I think that Stephen, right now, does that better than anybody else in the NBA."

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