Ayesha Curry's success a product of far more than marriage to Steph


Ayesha Curry has made a name for herself.

The 31-year-old is a cookbook author and restauranteur who also has cookware, bedding and a wine label under her name. Curry also launched a quarterly magazine, Sweet July, which Forbes' Brianne Garrett reported Friday aims "to be a platform for business owners and creatives of color," and she has appeared on multiple cooking shows.

She also is a mother of three and married to Warriors superstar Steph Curry, having heard others' thinly-veiled sexist doubts owing her success entirely to her husband's influence. Ayesha freely admits her marriage undoubtedly helped her get opportunities, as Steph is one of the most popular athletes on the planet.

Yet Ayesha Curry, not Steph, was the one who made the most of those chances.

“Were doors opened for me because of him? Absolutely," she told Garrett. "But I had to be the one who walked through them, prove myself and stay in the room to be there. If that wasn't the case, everybody else would be there, too.”

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Ayesha Curry launched a food blog and YouTube channel, both titled Little Lights of Mine, in 2014. The blog began as a way of sharing recipes with friends and family, but viral success -- including a video referencing a certain Drake rhyme involving her husband and a cooking appliance -- on YouTube ensured her reach extended well beyond that. Curry's YouTube channel currently has over 575,000 subscribers as of this writing.


Amid those accomplishments, Curry's not shy to admit that the support of her husband, family and friends helped her succeed as an entrepreneur.

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“I hate when people make it seem like they’re just doing it all themselves,” Curry told Garrett. “It’s not realistic.”  

That perspective is one that many people in business and beyond should take to heart.