Barack Obama takes playful jab at Steph Curry over past ankle problems

Barack Obama takes playful jab at Steph Curry over past ankle problems

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Barack Obama and Steph Curry are good friends.

When you have that sort of relationship, you are allowed to make fun of each other and/or joke about sensitive material.

When the Warriors visited the White House back in early 2016, Obama made light of Curry "clownin'" on the Wizards the night before when he dropped 51 points. That same day, he also said that Klay Thompson's "jump shot is actually a little prettier."

Another example of Obama's sense of humor transpired on Tuesday night in Oakland, where Curry and the former President shared the stage for a town hall discussion as part of the Obama Foundation's My Brother's Keeper Alliance.

As Connor Letourneau of The San Francisco Chronicle writes:

Asked Tuesday afternoon how he overcame his childhood struggles, former President Barack Obama glanced toward Warriors guard Stephen Curry.  “Steph,” Obama said with a smirk, “why don’t you tell them about your ankles?”

This topic might be all fun and games now, but it certainly wasn't a laughing matter seven or eight years ago when Curry's NBA career was in jeopardy.

He underwent surgery on his right ankle in May 2011. And in regards to another procedure on the same ankle in April 2012, ESPN's Pablo Torre wrote in February 2016:

Steph Curry didn't know if he'd wake up owning a dead man's tendons ... The worst-case scenario now? Total re-reconstruction, meaning that everything rebuilt in Curry's first surgery would be reattempted. If that proved necessary, they'd use better parts -- specifically, tendons from a cadaver -- and the projected recovery time would be at least six months. But such an operation would also be extreme enough that no one would be sure how the new hinge would hold up on the court.

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Two MVPs, three NBA championships and a $200 million contract later, it's safe to say that Curry won the battle against the recurring ankle sprains.

Therefore Mr. President, you are allowed to continue to make those kinds of jokes.

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Why Andre Iguodala thinks Steph Curry shouldn't play again this season

Why Andre Iguodala thinks Steph Curry shouldn't play again this season

The plan is for the Warriors to provide an update on Steph Curry's status at some point in early February.

And the expectation is that the two-time NBA MVP will return to game action at some point this season.

Does Andre Iguodala think Curry should return to the court? When answering that question Friday morning on ESPN's "First Take," the 2015 NBA Finals MVP began with a joke.

"Selfish reasons -- no. He hurt the left hand, you can't play golf with the left hand if it's hurt."

Iguodala then provided what we think is his actual opinion on the matter.

"I think he needs to get a real break, in terms of being able to relax," the soon-to-be 36-year-old explained. "That long run -- mental reasons.

"I think it's good for him mentally to be able to step away, be able to get a nice breather. He's gonna come back on a wrath next year."

Going to five straight NBA Finals definitely took a toll on Curry, his teammates and the entire franchise. This "gap year" truly could end up being a good thing in the long run.

But the three-time NBA champion is dying to get back on the court, and it would be pretty surprising if he remains sidelined until next season -- despite the fact the Dubs have the worst record in the NBA and their draft lottery odds are at stake.

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As for Iguodala's status -- he is still waiting on the Memphis Grizzlies to strike a trade before the Feb. 6 deadline. If no deal comes to fruition, you can assume the two sides would agree on a buyout and Iguodala would be free to sign with any team other than Golden State.

But don't worry Warriors fans -- a reunion seems inevitable this summer.

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Why Warriors' Draymond Green isn't worried about technical foul count

Why Warriors' Draymond Green isn't worried about technical foul count

SAN FRANCISCO -- Draymond Green has toed the line against the league's automatic suspension for technical fouls many times in his career. But even with Green four such fouls away from a suspension, the Warriors forward isn't worried about missing any games. 
"I really don't care," he said Friday morning. "It is what it is."

As of Friday morning, Green has 12 technical fouls this season. If he is assessed 16 by the end of the year, he will trigger an automatic suspension and a $5,000 fine.

His latest tech came in the third quarter of Wednesday's loss to the Utah Jazz when he bounced the ball twice following a layup by Utah center Rudy Gobert, one of which skied high atop the basket close to the visitor's bench. On Friday, Green said he disagreed with the referee's call. 

"I got a tech the other day for bouncing the ball," Green said. "I ain't even slam the ball. I dribbled the ball, dribbled it again and let it go and I got a tech. Ain't my fault the ball had too much air in it." 

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Throughout his career, Green has been among the league leaders in technical fouls, barely avoiding receiving an automatic suspension. For the last two seasons, he's finished with 15 technicals, prompting a question from Green on Friday afternoon. 

"Have I ever got suspended for technical fouls?" he asked. "It probably won't happen again ... You just know what you're facing and you make adjustments."