What Obama told KD in '16 about possibly joining Warriors

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Did you know that Kevin Durant went to the White House in the summer of 2016, and had a private meeting with Barack Obama?

You had no clue, right? Yours truly certainly was not aware of this, and is pretty sure the details of the encounter never have been discussed publicly. 

Until now.

"We talked about some stuff about how I can help in my community," KD told Alex Rodriguez and "Big Cat" on "The Corp" podcast. "Being from that area (Washington D.C.), we talked about different programs that I could help with."

But it's what the two-time NBA Finals MVP said next which will grab the attention of Warriors and NBA fans everywhere.

"Outside of that, he's a huge basketball fan. At that point, I was just going into free agency and everybody in the world wanted to know if I was leaving the (Oklahoma City) Thunder," KD explained. "So that was the first thing he asked when I walked in. 'So where you going? You can't go over there with those shooters over there. It'd be too much.'

"In my mind, I was like, 'That's where I'm going.' "

The Warriors lost Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals on June 19, and Durant announced he was signing with Golden State on July 4. So did the meeting take place at some point inbetween these two dates? That remains unclear.

We ask that question because we learned over the years that KD almost assuredly wouldn't have joined the Warriors if they outlasted the Cleveland Cavaliers and won back-to-back titles. Perhaps he met with Obama before that fateful Game 7, and joining the Dubs was contingent upon them losing in the Finals?


Who knows.

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As for former president Obama's role, him describing Steph Curry and Klay Thompson as "those shooters" is hilarious. Furthermore, it's even funnier to think that he preferred KD not to join the Dubs. Then again, it's possible he actually didn't care one way or the other, but was concerned about everybody fitting in together.

Ultimately, KD on Golden State was "too much" for the rest of the NBA, as the Warriors won the NBA title in 2017 and 2018. And most people agree they would have completed the three-peat if Durant didn't get hurt in the 2019 playoffs.