Oscar Robertson, Isiah Thomas, Stephen Jackson, Cedric Ceballos and Phil Jackson may not be on board the "Steph Curry Train," but Rick Barry is.

"I've never seen anybody shoot the ball from the distance that he can shoot it, and with the confidence that he has," Barry explained to Mighty 1090 AM in San Diego on Monday morning. "He's really a remarkable player, and I'm astounded that anybody can say anything truly negative about Steph Curry. I really don't know what there is to say negative ... what can you say? He plays good defense. He can pass the ball ... he's turned himself into a great, great basketball player. And he's so much fun to watch."

So suffice it to say that Barry doesn't agree with Oscar's assertion that Curry is a great shooter because coaches don't understand basketball and how to defend him?

"I love Oscar. I have a great relationship with Oscar. But I would have to disagree with Oscar in this respect: There is no way you can guard Steph Curry. You think the other teams aren't trying to move up and do things to him? If you don't pick him up and stay right with him at halfcourt, you have no chance to guard him. If you don't switch screens and stay up on him, you have no chance.


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"And even then, he can take you and make you look bad. Look how many guys he's made almost fall down on the court because he gets them so screwed up -- the things he does and the great ball-handling and the ability to step back and get the shot off so quickly.

"I don't know what Oscar was thinking. He's entitled to his opinion just like you are and everybody else in this great country that we have ... but in this case, I totally disagree with Oscar."

Isiah Thomas, who is a Hall of Famer and considered one of the best point guards of all time, had this to say about Curry last week:

"We've never seen anybody shoot the basketball this way in our league. However, we've never seen perimeter defense this poorly in our league, either. And that's not to take anything away from Steph..."

Mr. Barry -- your thoughts?

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"I don't buy that either. I mean seriously, does Isiah actually think coaches are saying, 'OK, we're not gonna guard Steph or Klay on the perimeter?' Are you frickin' kidding me? I mean come on, coaches aren't stupid. That's crazy. The differnce is there's never been a player like Steph Curry. Back in those days, and as good as Isiah was with the basketball, Isiah pales in comparison to what Steph can do.

"Steph can get his shot against anybody almost at any time. What you do with Steph, you just have to make him work harder. But he can do so many things because he can go to the basket, he can finish at the basket, he's a great free throw shooter. So what do you do against this guy? You just pray. You pray he's having an off night because you can't stop him."

Curry is the reigning MVP and is averaging 30.7 points and 6.6 assists per game this season. On Saturday in Oklahoma City, he tied the NBA single-game record for 3's with 12.

He's made 288 3-pointers this season, two more than the NBA single-season record 286 he made last year.

"I don't understand what guys are coming up with," Barry added. "These comments. I mean, why? Why would they want to do that? Why would you want to take something away from a guy who's turned himself into a great basketball player?"