Are Warriors comfortable adding two rookies? Myers answers


The best-case scenario for the Warriors heading into the draft lottery on Tuesday night was to miss the No. 14 spot, catapulting them into the top-4, and then also securing Minnesota's pick. 

Only one of those two things happened -- with the Warriors getting the 14th spot for their own pick and landing the Timberwolve's pick at No. 7 -- but they'll take it. 

Having two lottery picks in this year's NBA draft gives them a lot of options and flexibility as they navigate this offseason that needs to help put them back in playoff contention. 

But, what are the chances of seeing both of these lottery picks on Golden State's roster next season?

"It depends," Warriors general manager Bob Myers said after the lottery. "If that's the best thing to do, that's what we'll do."

"But it depends. Some guys are older that can help you more and there are young guys, young guys that can help you. But then you weigh it against what you can do with those picks and I have no idea right now what we can do with 14 or seven or them together, and I'm sure we'll find out and make the best decision we can."

Having these two picks, in addition to James Wiseman, would give the Warriors three development projects to work on, while also trying to take advantage of Steph Curry's prime and win now. 


And after struggling to balance developing just one player in Wiseman and win now this past season, it's hard to imagine the Warriors being 100 percent in on doing it again, but with three times as many players. 

“We’re not trying to develop players at the risk of losing," Myers said later. "We’re not going to develop and have it cost us games. That’s not the plan.”

If they do decide to keep both picks, every other member of the Warriors' roster has to be ready to contribute. Yes, they will have Klay Thompson back, but it's still unclear when he will return and what version of himself he'll be when he's back.

Then, you have other members of the roster from this year who didn't contribute enough. How do you get something better in those positions while working with a limited budget, as the Warriors are?

That's when you start looking at packaging one of these picks for a trade. But according to Myers, the trade value of these picks isn't solidified until about one week out from the draft.

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Of course, there are draftees who could need less development, but, most of them will probably be gone by the time the seventh pick rolls around. 

"There are rookies that help teams that are very good," Myers said. "It's just a question of how much do they help, and do they make sense and like I said, as it gets closer, we'll have a better idea."

"But having two swings at it in what we think is a really, really good draft is important for many reasons. Probably at least hopefully you get one guy that can help you, maybe both that can help you, at least by the time the playoffs come around you hope that's possible in some capacity. Helping you doesn't necessarily mean they are starting. That might mean maybe they give you 15, 20 minutes, maybe more, maybe less. But we'll also know what we could have done with those picks, and again, it's too hard to say right now, about a month out from the draft."

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