Myers clarifies Warriors' stance on potentially acquiring star

Bob Myers, Joe Lacob

Any time an NBA star's name is brought up in a trade rumor, the Warriors automatically are viewed as a potential landing spot.

Discussing hypothetical trades is a fun exercise to a point, and there is little else to dissect during the offseason after the free agency flurry finishes.

Of late, the Warriors have been viewed as a possible destination for disgruntled Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons. While a splashy trade always is a possibility, Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers doesn't expect one to be coming down the pike any time soon.

"As far as trades -- now, tomorrow, today -- those conversations are always happening. That's my job. That's the league we live in," Myers told reporters Monday at Warriors Media Day. "But I would say to you, if you're looking for some clarity, I expect this roster to be our roster. Certainly in the near term and probably heading into the season and then we will see how everything goes. That's what we would do anyway.

"Separate from rumors, separate from thoughts -- I think that when our team looks like it needs a change, that's when we got to start being a little more urgent there. But I do like the team. I want to see what the team looks like as it's constructed. I've been waiting for that for a long time, mostly because of injuries. As far as those conversations, those are happening quite a bit of the time and we will continue to have those conversations. But nothing imminent at all right now. "

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When asked if he wanted the Warriors' front office to be "very aggressive" and if he would be bothered if they were "passive," Steph Curry made his thoughts clear and what he expects from Myers, Joe Lacob and Co.

“Yes,” he said. “To all those answers.”

While a deal in the near term is unlikely, it's clear the Warriors will be aggressive in their pursuit to build a legitimate title contender while Curry still is in his prime. The lack of a deal now potentially means the Warriors could be more active around the trade deadline and on the buyout market.

Myers will continue to work the phones and won't be afraid to make a move if he feels the Warriors need a change. But for now, the Warriors you see are the Warriors you're going to get.

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