Myers knows Klay has 'desire to prove himself' upon return


You miss Klay Thompson, don’t you? Same. And so does Warriors general manager Bob Myers.

“Klay’s another guy, he loves the work. I told somebody a little while ago, basketball for him is like water -- he just needs it,” Myers told Grant Liffmann and Dorell Wright on the Dubs Talk podcast.  

Myers said watching Klay’s body language on the sidelines while he watches his teammates play is “painful” because he can’t help the team.

It’s easy to see Klay’s emotions, even behind a mask, when he’s watching the Warriors. He threw a towel in frustration when the Warriors were getting stomped on by the Brooklyn Nets in February. And another time he looked displeased while watching the Warriors face the Miami Heat.

But Myers sees that as an opportunity to come back better. 

“I have no doubt he’s going to put all the work and the time in, and his game, as you know, that guy’s going to get out of bed at 90-years-old and hit 99 out of 100 3’s,” Myers said. “It’s such a pure shot -- that will not change.”

Klay still is a couple of months away from basketball activity, as his dad, Mychal, said last week, but he’s doing his pool therapy and is walking -- the standard stuff he needs to be doing after coming off a horrific torn Achilles injury that he sustained in November.

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This also is coming off missing the entire 2019-20 season with a torn ACL that occurred during Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals. 

“He’ll get there,” Myers added. “He is so competitive, I think Warriors fans know it. Obviously, he has a great desire to prove himself, even with all the success he’s had, you know Klay, you see he’s always trying to earn the respect of his peers, of his fans -- and that’s what keeps him going.” 

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