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How did Kevon Looney end up re-signing with the Warriors?

Why didn't any other team even offer him a contract?

During Golden State's preseason game against the Phoenix Suns on Monday night, Warriors general manager Bob Myers joined the NBC Sports Bay Area broadcast and offered his theory.

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"It was a combination of things," Myers explained. "It was the market mostly. It was a tight market in free agency. And a lot of people look at our team, and maybe they looked at him and said, 'He's not gonna help us, he can only help the Warriors.'

"Good for us, I suppose. We're happy to have him back, and he's gonna play a lot."

Looney absolutely has some limitations, but he displayed some great qualities throughout the 2017-18 season, and then was a key rotation player during the run to the NBA championship.

There aren't many players Looney's size who can defend like this on the perimeter.

"The thing I like about him and Damian (Jones) -- these guys take a little time ... they're starting to kind of figure it out," Myers added. "When you first got 'em, you kind of shake your head and you go, 'These guys are gonna have to get better.' But you draft guys with the idea that they're gonna get better, especially when you're picking in that range.


"The best thing, honestly, about Kevon and Jordan (Bell) is they've got real playoff experience. That stuff's immeasurable to perform at that level. It's a different game in the playoffs."

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