Portis says shimmy after buzzer-beater wasn't directed at Steph


Steph Curry didn't have much to shimmy about in the Warriors' 118-99 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday night at Fiserv Forum, but Bobby Portis did.

At the end of a disastrous first half for the Warriors, Portis nailed a 3-pointer as the halftime buzzer sounded. Portis appeared to shimmy, much like Curry has done on numerous occasions in the past. But after the game, the veteran big man said his celebration had nothing to do with the Warriors' star.

"Steph different, man," Portis told reporters. "I can't do what Steph do. I can only make the shot that I can make, but Steph is different. In college [at Arkansas], I had a lot of friends -- I don't know if y'all familiar with the Nupes and Kappa and stuff -- I have a lot of friends that did that, so I just imitated it at home, but other than that, that's all it was. Steph is on a whole different level shooting than me."

Portis' buzzer-beater gave the Bucks a staggering 77-38 lead, the largest halftime deficit the Warriors have faced since moving to California for the 1962-63 NBA season.

Bucks forward Khris Middleton thoroughly enjoyed Portis' celebration.

"Took it back to the 90s," Middleton said. "I love it. Just having fun. Made a big play. Momentum swing going into halftime by hitting that three. I love it. As long as he's having fun, as long as he's competing, playing the right way, I really don't care what he does on the side."

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If Curry had hit that shot in that situation, putting the Warriors up 39, he probably would have shimmied on the Bucks. So if you're going to dish it out, you've got to be able to handle it when others do it to you.

Curry probably didn't have a problem with Portis shimmying in that moment.