Warning: If you're a big Steph Curry fan, please sit down before you keep reading.

Now take a deep breath.

And another.

OK. So here's what happened.

"This is my metric for (NBA) superstar -- do you have a chance to win a championship just because we got you?" ESPN's Bomani Jones said Thursday on "The Right Time with Bomani Jones" podcast. "We'll work the rest out, but if the first thing you tell me is that this guy plays for us, then we got a chance to do this."

When guest Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports said Curry fits this description, Jones said some stuff that definitely isn't going to sit well with Warriors fans.

Jones: "I feel like even with a healthy Stephen Curry, you gotta put some fairly specific things around him."

Goodwill: "But you got a chance."

Jones: "Yeah, but to have the chance you have to put this fairly specific set of things around him. And he can't guard nobody."

Goodwill: "Even with that, you can win with him in a way that maybe you can't with Damian Lillard (or) Kyrie Irving."

Jones: "If you tell me that you have Kevin Durant, you have a chance to win the championship. If you tell me you have Kawhi Leonard, my immediate response is, 'You have a chance to win a championship.' And the same with LeBron [James and Giannis Antetokounmpo]. You tell me you got Steph -- I want you to tell me a little bit more ... my only problem with Steph though -- this is a big problem -- getting his own shot. He can get his own shot if he shoots it from 40 (feet). 


"He's got sick handle and all that stuff. There's something different. It's hard to explain what it is with Steph, but Steph is somehow like the greatest system player of all time. And I'm not saying that to shade him. But you are not going 1-4 flat and being like, 'Get us a bucket.' "

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Oh boy.

Take a couple more deep breaths.


Spoiler alert, Mr. Jones -- every single "superstar" player in NBA history needs help from complementary players around them to have a "chance" at winning a championship. This is undeniable. Yes, if you have LeBron, Kawhi, Giannis or KD you have a "chance" at the title, but the rest of the roster matters a great deal.

So if we go back to 2014-15 and 2015-16 (before KD joined the Warriors), somehow Steph's teammates formed a more "fairly specific set of things" compared to the supporting casts of other superstars? You have to "work the rest out" with the roster for any superstar to be in a position to win the title.

Steph is the poster child for basketball's 3-point revolution and is the only unanimous MVP in NBA history. To apply a caveat to his "superstardom" is ...

... pretty ridiculous (yours truly says this with all due respect, of course).

Also, the whole narrative that Steph can't defend anybody is tired and flat-out wrong. 

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These sorts of claims and opinions are why those who advocate for Steph's greatness believe he forever will be underappreciated and undervalued.

To use Jones' own words again: "It's hard to explain what it is with Steph." That is correct. The three-time NBA champion is difficult to describe because he's that special.

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