Ask Kerith: Is Beal trade a real possibility for Warriors?

Bradley Beal

On Wednesday, the Warriors announced Kevon Looney will be re-evaluated in two weeks for his sprained left ankle.

Two weeks from Wednesday is Feb. 17, which means Loon will miss at least seven games, eight if you include the game on the 17th.

The Warriors have no healthy centers. James Wiseman has a sprained left wrist, which will be re-evaluated once the Warriors are home from their Texas road trip. Marquese Chriss reportedly is expected to miss the remainder of the season with a syndesmosis ankle injury that includes a fibular fracture.

That leaves the guys moonlighting as small-ball centers, Draymond Green, Eric Paschall, and Juan Toscano-Anderson (whoa!) to fill this spot.

Can the Warriors go out and sign a center? Unlikely. They need a fix this instant. Signing someone means they’d have to cut someone. Would it be Mychal Mulder because his contract is unguaranteed? Would they cut Chriss or Alen Smailagic? Plus, any addition would have to quarantine for six days. By then, Wiseman nearly is back.

The Warriors’ upcoming schedule helps a bit. They’re not facing any of the top centers in the league during Wiseman's absence.

Against the Dallas Mavericks, they’ll have to contend with Kristaps Porzingas, Willie Cauley-Stein, Dwight Powell, and Boban Marjanovic. Boban is huge, but he’s only averaging seven minutes per game.

Against the San Antonio Spurs, they’ll face LaMarcus Aldridge and Jacob Poeltl. The Spurs employ many guards, so a small-ball battle could suit the Warriors.

Time for your questions!


The Warriors have a funky roller coaster of wins and losses. It looks like this at as they head to Dallas:


Never more than two consecutive wins or losses at any point through 21 games. The Warriors have beaten the sub .500 teams and struggled against better teams to arrive at their 11-10 record.

Steve Kerr hasn’t broken any clipboards this season. He wants his team’s identity to solidify around defensive principles, which in turn impacts the offense. Stops and good box outs lead to transition offense. It’s all connected.

Kerr is the boss, not any player’s daddy. If they don’t listen, or if they simply have an off night, there’s not much he can do.

There’s a loud group of fans who wonder if Kerr is being stubborn by keeping Kelly Oubre in the starting line-up. I hear those concerns and I’m not sure how much longer Oubre gets an abundance of patience with some of these stats.

On Instagram, @chavi1991 and @seanmasterson7 asked if Oubre is in the long-term plans for the Dubs.

Oubre is a free agent at the end of this season, so “long term” is unclear right now.

Trading him now after he came to the team to fill the void left by Klay Thompson's injury would indicate the Warriors think this season won’t amount to anything. It’s not time for that. And should Oubre stick around, he would be a great compliment off the bench for Steph Curry, Thompson and Andrew Wiggins next season.

It’s hard to say how things will shake out for a player who has started the season in a shooting slump and carries a pricy contract.

Oubre has played for three teams in six seasons. He’s indicated he would like to stay with the Warriors.

On Instagram, @pigsandbasketball08 wants to know what’s the probability of a Bradley Beal trade this season?

I see it as doubtful because the cost is too high. They’d have to give up James Wiseman, their 19 year old center of the future, and the Minnesota Timberwolves' top-three protected pick in 2021. The Warriors want to get younger. Giving up youth doesn’t make much sense here, plus a trade would have to include either Draymond Green, Oubre, or Wiggins for salary purposes. Here are some scenarios.

But wait ... Beal only is 27. That’s young! And he’s the top scorer in the NBA! Shouldn’t the Warriors at least consider a trade?  

Consider the message it would send to Curry and Thompson. Bringing Beal to Golden State would signal the Warriors don’t think Klay will be his old self once he recovers from his Achilles tendon rehab. And he might not be. But do you risk breaking up the Splash Brothers? They’re one of the  best backcourts in NBA history with years left in their primes.


Do you risk impacting their chemistry and usage rates by adding Beal to form a Splash Trio? Is Draymond still here to facilitate the offense? Who’s the lob threat if Wiseman is gone? How would the offense find balance?

Beal could certainly help them win now. But it might be too messy, at too high a cost.

The center position feels like the more pressing need. Not to mention Beal reportedly has not asked for a trade and has no intention of seeking one at the moment.

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As for Draymond, he takes his role as a mentor seriously. He gives credit to Andrew Bogut for showing him how to defend in the NBA. Bogut’s top lessons? Don’t guard the post with your chest, how to rotate on defense and the importance of communication.

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Green wants to pass his knowledge on to Wiseman, who by every indication is grateful to learn from a former  Defensive Player of the Year. Wiseman described Green as a brother in a recent postgame interview.

And in early January after a win ove the Kings, Draymond discussed how he views mentoring Wiseman. 

“To have the opportunity to play with a kid that's such a special talent, 19 years old and doing the things he can do, I'm honored and privileged to try to take on the veteran leadership role for him and try to show him the way," Green said. "He'll be a star without me, but if I can try to help him, give him all my knowledge, that's what my vets did for me, so I owe that to him."

My favorite Warrior to interview is Draymond Green. There is so much thought and knowledge behind his words, and he rarely has a filter.

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Thanks for this question. I’ve heard from fans who are worried. Don’t be!

An explainer is here. Basically, this change for NBC Sports Network will not impact NBC Sports Bay Area.

I needed Kent Bazemore’s help with this question. He told me he and other guys listen to books on tape, but Steph is the player he sees most with a hard copy in his hand.

In previous seasons, I would answer Andre Iguodala or David West were the biggest readers.

Funny you should ask! I asked Jordan who is watching his cats, Kai and Kota, when he goes to the G League bubble. He smiled and said “undisclosed information!”


I’m sure they’re in good hands. It looks like Poole deleted his Instagram, so if you need a Kai and Kota fix, check out this story from NBC Sports Bay Area’s Pro Pets series.

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