Steph Curry torched the Cavs for nine 3-pointers and finished with 42 points in the Warriors' win in Cleveland on Wednesday night.

But based on comments after the game, Cavs first-round pick Collin Sexton wasn't overly impressed with the Warriors point guard.

“He’s just another player who is really good and a good guard in the league,” Sexton told The Athletic's Joe Vardon after the game.

Just another player?

Let's educate young Mr. Sexton on just a little bit of what Steph Curry has accomplished in his 10 years in the NBA: He's a two-time NBA MVP, a three-time NBA champion, an NBA scoring champ, a five-time All-Star, signed a $201 million contract last summer and is often credited with revolutionizing the game of basketball with his ability to hit deep 3-pointers.

Yeah, Collin, he's definitely just another player.