You knew Charles Barkley was going to have a response to Draymond Green's harsh words last week.

It was automatic.

So what did Barkley say about the 2017 NBA Defensive Player of the Year?

"I think he's a good player and a great guy," Barkley said to TMZ Sports. "I like messing with him but he's got the perfect face for radio.

"He don't have a TV face. He don't have a TV face. He could do the job but he don't have a face for TV. He's got a face for radio."

Come on now, Sir Charles. That's a very old joke. We need a better response! 

We got just that when Barkley was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday morning.

"My job is safe. Draymond Green is a nice guy. You know what he is? He's like the guy in the boy band who's the least important member," the Hall of Famer said. "He doesn't realize he's standing next to Justin Timberlake.

"He's the least famous person in the boy band, and he thinks he's a star. And he's not. He's lucky to be in the boy band. He thinks all the girls are screaming for him. No, they're screaming for Justin Timberlake.

"Enjoy being in the band because you're never gonna have any hit singles ... I like messing with him."


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Well played, Mr. Barkley. Well played. Funny stuff.

Would the 1993 NBA MVP trade his career for Draymond's?

"No. My career is what it is. I was a great player," Barkley said. "I didn't win a championship. But there's a lot of guys who didn't win a championship that are much better than some of these guys who get championship rings."

That is true.

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