Barkley taunts Dubs fans with Mavs chant before Game 1

Charles Barkley

NBA legend Charles Barkley is a well-known critic of the Warriors, and he continued to double down on his disdain for the team ahead of Game 1 of the Western Conference finals against the Dallas Mavericks at Chase Center on Wednesday night.

Barkley is in town with TNT and their "Inside the NBA" set is positioned in Thrive City outside the Warriors' arena in San Francisco. That gives the vocal analyst a chance to interact with Dub Nation up-close and personal.

About an hour before tipoff of Game 1, Barkley was getting heckled by Warriors fans when he countered by screaming, "Let's go Mavs!" several times, receiving boos in return.

On Sunday, after the Mavericks upset the No. 1-seeded Phoenix Suns in Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals, Barkley picked Dallas to knock off the Warriors in the West finals.

“I think the Mavs are going to be better at small ball because of Luka [Dončić]. Nobody can handle that dude one-on-one,” Barkley said. “And if [Jalen] Brunson and [Spencer] Dinwiddie keep playing like they’re playing, this team is going to be tough to beat.

“So I’m going with the upset. I’m going with the Mavs.”

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Barkley also isn't a fan of the city of San Francisco, which he called "hell" during that same "Inside the NBA" show on Sunday.

“We’re going to hell, I mean San Francisco,” Barkley said Sunday. “I hate San Francisco. I just don’t like it. I have to like a city because y'all like it?”


The Warriors hope to have the last word by beating the Mavericks in the West finals and forcing Barkley to return to San Francisco for the NBA Finals in June.

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