Editor’s note: Sports Uncovered, the newest podcast from NBC Sports, will shine a fresh light on the most unforgettable moments in sports. The second episode tells the story of the Oregon Ducks uniform revolution that changed college football. 

The Oregon Ducks have become known for their flashy, sometimes over-the-top uniform combinations that took the college football world by storm last decade. For years, the Ducks never wore the same combination twice and often sported untraditionally colors.

In the latest "Sports Uncovered Podcast," former Duck and current NBC Sports Northwest analyst Jordan Kent details the story of how Oregon's uniform craze came to be, starting with a conversation after the 1996 Cotton Bowl loss.

Uniforms in professional sports are a little more toned down, but the NBA, in particular, has started adding more alternate, retro and special-edition uniforms over the past decade. So Oregon's uniform revolution got us thinking about what a possible Oregon-esque, mash-up uniform for the Warriors would look like.


While that might not be as flashy or eye-popping at some of the uniforms the Ducks have trotted out in recent memory, it isn't far off the mark.


Over the years, the Ducks have looked like Storm Troopers, rocked clean throwbacks, looked flashy trying to stomp out cancer and have come equipped for a brawl with the "Fighting Duck" logo. They've also had Lewis and Clark on their helmets and tried to rep the state flag as a jersey. They've donned chrome, pink and even had uniforms that looked like actual Ducks at one point.

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You win some, you lose some.

Oregon still leads the nation in drip and you can hear more about their uniform revolution on the latest episode of "Sports Uncovered."

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