'China Klay' Thompson returns as Warriors star touches down in Shanghai

'China Klay' Thompson returns as Warriors star touches down in Shanghai

No Warriors player is more beloved for his off-court antics than swingman Klay Thompson. From barking at a reigning NL MVP at Wrigley Field to texting the wrong group chat, Klay has become one of the most relatable superstars in the NBA.

The five-time All-Star appears to have brought back his most famous alter ego, as “China Klay” touched down in Shanghai on Friday and received a hero’s welcome.

Thompson treks to the world’s most populous nation at least once a year, as he is signed to an endorsement deal with Chinese shoe company Anta.

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#ChinaKlay has produced some great moments in the past, including coming up very short on a 360 dunk attempt, much to the gathered crowd’s amusement.

Stay tuned to see what new viral moment the 29-year-old will produce during his time overseas.

Steph Curry calls 'promise to all Warriors fans' the 'best tweet ever'

Steph Curry calls 'promise to all Warriors fans' the 'best tweet ever'

On this day 10 years ago, then-Warriors rookie Steph Curry sent out one of the most famous tweets in Bay Area sports history.

"Best tweet ever," Curry told reporters Monday night during a press conference at Chase Center before the Warriors played the Jazz.

"I don't remember where I was," Curry said. "I definitely remember sending it out though. [Warriors vice president of communications] Raymond [Ridder] probably can tell me what city I was in."

On Nov. 11, 2009, the Warriors lost in Indiana to the Pacers, 108-94, dropping their record to 2-5. Shortly after the game, Curry sent this tweet.

"That was a good tweet for sure," Curry said Monday. "And I said 'we,' not 'me.' "

It took Curry and the Warriors a few years to turn things around, but once they reached the playoffs in 2013, they took off from there. They've made the playoffs in each of the last seven years, went to the NBA Finals the last five straight years and raised three banners at Oracle Arena.

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On a personal level, Curry won two NBA MVP awards, including becoming the first-ever unanimous selection in 2015-16.

"It's been a great, great journey," Curry said of the last 10 years. "It's not over yet. That's the fun part. But 10 years is a good lens to look back and see all that we've accomplished.

"I didn't really know what I was talking about as a rookie, but I knew I had a lot of confidence in myself and what I could do on this level, and obviously the guys that I eventually got to play with to do it at that high level. Unbelievable experiences, and hopefully there's more to come."

Steph Curry plans to play for Warriors this season after hand injury heals

Steph Curry plans to play for Warriors this season after hand injury heals

Steph Curry plans to play again this season.

The Warriors' superstar point guard announced his plans Monday night during a press conference before the game against the Jazz at Chase Center.

"I definitely expect to be ready to play," Curry told reporters. "I don't know when, but at some point in early spring. It's just a matter of the rehab process."

Curry revealed that he dealt with some nerve irritation when he initially broke his left hand during an Oct. 30 game against the Suns.

"With surgery, there's always potential for nerves to be irritated," Curry said. "I had a little bit of that. That's kind of why it took so long for the real diagnosis because I had to do so many tests because that was one of the symptoms.

"Something to monitor as we go through the process."

Curry addressed when he might be able to travel with the Warriors on road trips.

"Not for a while," Curry said. "Part of the rehab is I have to get a second procedure done in the beginning of December, probably, and remove some of the pins they put in there. So, the swelling is going to be something that is of the upmost priority early in the rehab process, to give me a chance to come back and get my range of motion back pretty quickly.

"So, traveling is not in the cards right now. But hopefully when the new year hits, I'll be on the road and progress quickly in terms of things I can do on the court, in the weight room, all that type of stuff, and obviously be around the team as much as I can."

After Curry underwent surgery on his hand, the Warriors initially announced that he would be re-evaluated in three months. That timeline came into question last week because of a report that Curry was "unlikely" to play again this season. The Warriors immediately refuted the report, and coach Steve Kerr said the team was "confused" by it.

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Steph's press conference should put to bed any doubts that the two-time NBA MVP will lace up his Curry 7s again this season.